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o•léoʊˈleɪ(interj.; n.)(pl.)o•les.

  1. (interj.)(used as a shout of approval, triumph, or encouragement.)

    Category: Foreign Term

  2. (n.)a cry of “olé.”

    Category: Foreign Term

Origin of olé:

1920–25; < Sp (h)ole, prob. of expressive orig.


  1. a suffix found in French loanwords of Latin origin, usu. diminutives, and later in adaptations of words borrowed directly from Latin or in New Latin coinages:

    areole; centriole; vacuole.

    Category: Affix

Origin of -ole:

< F < L -olus, -ola, -olum, var. of -ulus -ule with stems ending in a vowel


or -ol, 1 2

  1. a suffix used in the names of chemical compounds, esp. five-membered, unsaturated rings (carbazole; indole; thiazole) and, less systematically, aromatic ethers (phenetole).

    Category: Chemistry, Affix

Origin of -ole:

< F < L oleumoil


  1. ole(Interjection)

    An interjection used to stir up excitement.

  2. OLE(Noun)

    Object Linking and Embedding.


  1. Olé

    Olé are an international musical comedy trio, formed in 1992 by Paul Morocco, Alessandro Bernardi and Antonio Forcione. The current members are Morocco, Guillermo de Endaya and Antonio Gómez. In addition to comedy and Latin guitar music, their act also includes plenty of juggling and dancing.

Anagrams of OLE

  1. EOL, Leo, LEO, OEL


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