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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

nig•gleˈnɪg əl(v.i.)-gled, -gling.

  1. (n.)to spend too much time and effort on inconsequential details; trifle.

  2. to criticize in a peevish way; carp.

Origin of niggle:

1610–20; < Scand; (ult. < ON hnøggr stingy, c. OE hnēaw); cf. niggard


Princeton's WordNet

  1. fuss, niggle, fret(verb)

    worry unnecessarily or excessively

    "don't fuss too much over the grandchildren--they are quite big now"

  2. quibble, niggle, pettifog, bicker, squabble, brabble(verb)

    argue over petty things

    "Let's not quibble over pennies"


  1. niggle(Noun)

    A minor complaint or problem.

  2. niggle(Noun)

    Small, cramped handwriting.

  3. niggle(Verb)

    To trifle with; to deceive; to mock.

  4. niggle(Verb)

    To dwell too much on minor points.

  5. niggle(Verb)

    To fidget, fiddle, be restless.

  6. Origin: First attested in 1599. Origin uncertain, but likely from nigla and/or nugla. Possibly cognate to niggard.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Niggle(verb)

    to trifle with; to deceive; to mock

  2. Niggle(verb)

    to trifle or play

  3. Niggle(verb)

    to act or walk mincingly

  4. Niggle(verb)

    to fret and snarl about trifles

Anagrams of Niggle

  1. leggin


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