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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

neigh•bor•hoodˈneɪ bərˌhʊd(n.)

  1. (v.i.)the area or region around or near some place or thing; vicinity.

  2. a district or locality, often with reference to its character or inhabitants:

    a fashionable neighborhood.

  3. a number of persons living in a particular locality.

  4. Math. an open set that contains a given point.

    Category: Math

Idioms for neighborhood:

  1. in the neighborhood of,approximately; nearly; about.

    Category: Idiom

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. vicinity, locality, neighborhood, neighbourhood, neck of the woods(noun)

    a surrounding or nearby region

    "the plane crashed in the vicinity of Asheville"; "it is a rugged locality"; "he always blames someone else in the immediate neighborhood"; "I will drop in on you the next time I am in this neck of the woods"

  2. neighborhood, neighbourhood(noun)

    people living near one another

    "it is a friendly neighborhood"; "my neighborhood voted for Bush"

  3. region, neighborhood(noun)

    the approximate amount of something (usually used prepositionally as in `in the region of')

    "it was going to take in the region of two or three months to finish the job"; "the price is in the neighborhood of $100"

  4. neighborhood(noun)

    an area within a city or town that has some distinctive features (especially one forming a community)

    "an ethnic neighborhood"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. neighborhood(noun)ˈneɪ bərˌhʊd

    an area of a city, town, etc.

    a socially deprived neighborhood; We live in a quiet neighborhood.

  2. neighborhoodˈneɪ bərˌhʊd


    a number in the neighborhood of 40 million


  1. neighborhood(Noun)

    The quality of being a neighbor, living nearby, next to each-other

    Our neighborhood was our only reason to exchange hollow greetings

  2. neighborhood(Noun)

    A nearby area.

  3. neighborhood(Noun)

    The inhabitants of a residential area.

    The fire alarmed the neighborhood.

  4. neighborhood(Noun)

    A division of a municipality or region, formally or informally divided

    We have just moved to a pleasant neighborhood

  5. neighborhood(Noun)

    The quality of physical proximity.

    The slums and the palace were in awful neighborhood.

  6. neighborhood(Noun)

    The disposition becoming a neighbor; neighborly kindness or good will.

  7. neighborhood(Noun)

    The neighborhood of a point x is... (depending on the author):

Webster Dictionary

  1. Neighborhood(noun)

    the quality or condition of being a neighbor; the state of being or dwelling near; proximity

  2. Neighborhood(noun)

    a place near; vicinity; adjoining district; a region the inhabitants of which may be counted as neighbors; as, he lives in my neighborhood

  3. Neighborhood(noun)

    the inhabitants who live in the vicinity of each other; as, the fire alarmed all the neiborhood

  4. Neighborhood(noun)

    the disposition becoming a neighbor; neighborly kindness or good will

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