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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

na•tiv•i•tynəˈtɪv ɪ ti, neɪ-(n.)(pl.)-ties.

  1. birth, esp. with reference to place or attendant circumstances.

  2. (cap.) the birth of Christ.

    Category: Religion

  3. (cap.) Christmas.

    Category: Religion

  4. a horoscope of a person's birth.

    Category: Astrology

Origin of nativity:

1200–50; ME nativite < OF nativité < LL nātīvitās

Princeton's WordNet

  1. birth, nativity, nascency, nascence(noun)

    the event of being born

    "they celebrated the birth of their first child"

  2. Virgin Birth, Nativity(noun)

    the theological doctrine that Jesus Christ had no human father; Christians believe that Jesus's birth fulfilled Old Testament prophecies and was attended by miracles; the Nativity is celebrated at Christmas


  1. nativity(Noun)

    Birth; the place, time and circumstances of a birth.

  2. nativity(Noun)

    The birth of Jesus Christ (the Nativity).

  3. nativity(Noun)

    A horoscope associated with a person's birth.

  4. Nativity(Noun)

    The birth of Jesus as described in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

  5. Nativity(Noun)


  6. Origin: nativitas, birth

Webster Dictionary

  1. Nativity(noun)

    the coming into life or into the world; birth; also, the circumstances attending birth, as time, place, manner, etc

  2. Nativity(noun)

    a picture representing or symbolizing the early infancy of Christ. The simplest form is the babe in a rude cradle, and the heads of an ox and an ass to express the stable in which he was born

  3. Nativity(noun)

    a representation of the positions of the heavenly bodies as the moment of one's birth, supposed to indicate his future destinies; a horoscope


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