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Princeton's WordNet

  1. nod(noun)

    a sign of assent or salutation or command

  2. nod(verb)

    the act of nodding the head

  3. nod(verb)

    express or signify by nodding

    "He nodded his approval"

  4. nod(verb)

    lower and raise the head, as to indicate assent or agreement or confirmation

    "The teacher nodded when the student gave the right answer"

  5. nod(verb)

    let the head fall forward through drowsiness

    "The old man was nodding in his chair"

  6. nod(verb)

    sway gently back and forth, as in a nodding motion

    "the flowers were nodding in the breeze"

  7. nod(verb)

    be almost asleep

    "The old man sat nodding by the fireplace"


  1. Nod(v. i.)

    To be drowsy or dull; to doze off, especially while in a sitting position; as, half the class nodded while the professor droned on.

  2. Origin: [OE. nodden; cf. OHG. kntn, genuotn, to shake, and E. nudge.]


  1. nod(Noun)

    An instance of moving one's head as described above.

  2. nod(Verb)

    To incline the head up and down, as to indicate agreement.

  3. nod(Verb)

    to sway, move up and down

  4. nod(Verb)

    To gradually fall asleep.

  5. nod(Verb)

    To make a mistake by being temporarily inattentive or tired

    Even Homer nods.

  6. nod(Verb)

    To head; to strike the ball with one's head.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Nod(verb)

    to bend or incline the upper part, with a quick motion; as, nodding plumes

  2. Nod(verb)

    to incline the head with a quick motion; to make a slight bow; to make a motion of assent, of salutation, or of drowsiness, with the head; as, to nod at one

  3. Nod(verb)

    to be drowsy or dull; to be careless

  4. Nod(verb)

    to incline or bend, as the head or top; to make a motion of assent, of salutation, or of drowsiness with; as, to nod the head

  5. Nod(verb)

    to signify by a nod; as, to nod approbation

  6. Nod(verb)

    to cause to bend

  7. Nod(noun)

    a dropping or bending forward of the upper oart or top of anything

  8. Nod(noun)

    a quick or slight downward or forward motion of the head, in assent, in familiar salutation, in drowsiness, or in giving a signal, or a command

  9. Origin: [OE. nodden; cf. OHG. kntn, genuotn, to shake, and E. nudge.]

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'NOD' in Verbs Frequency: #342

Anagrams for NOD »

  1. don, Don, don'

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Translations for NOD

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • assentir amb el cap, fer que sí amb el cap, capejar, capejadaCatalan, Valencian
  • klímat, přikývnoutCzech
  • Kopfnicken, nicken, einnickenGerman
  • ekdormadi, dormeti, kapjeso, kapjesi, ekdormetiEsperanto
  • cabecear, asentir con la cabeza, cabezadaSpanish
  • nyökäyttää, nyökätä, nyökkäys, nuokkua, nyökyttääFinnish
  • hocher, dodeliner la têteFrench
  • gnogadh cinn, cromScottish Gaelic
  • הרכיןHebrew
  • bólintás, biccent, bólint, bóbiskol, biccentésHungarian
  • [[að]] [[kinka]] [[kolli]], [[að]] [[sofna]]Icelandic
  • cenno, scuotere la testa, cennare, scuotere, cadere in catalessi, annuire, accennare, appisolarsi, addormentarsiItalian
  • 頷くJapanese
  • nutusLatin
  • дреме, клима, задремуваMacedonian
  • knikkebollen, knik, knikkenDutch
  • nikk, nikkeNorwegian
  • cabecear, aceno, acenar, assentirPortuguese
  • a da din cap, dormitaRomanian
  • кивок, кивнуть, кивать, клевать носомRussian
  • nick, nickaSwedish

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