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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

mon•sieurməˈsyœ; mɛˈsyœ(n.)(pl.)mes•sieurs

  1. the conventional French title of respect and term of address for a man, corresponding to Mr. or


Origin of monsieur:

1490–1500; < F: lit., my lord; see sire

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Monsieur(noun)

    used as a French courtesy title; equivalent to English `Mr'

Webster Dictionary

  1. Monsieur(noun)

    the common title of civility in France in speaking to, or of, a man; Mr. or Sir

  2. Monsieur(noun)

    the oldest brother of the king of France

  3. Monsieur(noun)

    a Frenchman


  1. Monsieur

    Monsieur is an honorific title that used to refer to or address the eldest living brother of the king in the French royal court. It is also a customary French title of respect and term of address for a French-speaking man, corresponding to such English titles as Mr. or sir.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a polite form of address (spoken or written) to a man

Excuse me, sir!; He started his letter `Dear Sirs, ...'.

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