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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

Mo•hawkˈmoʊ hɔk(n.)(pl.)-hawks; -hawk.

  1. a member of an American Indian people, orig. residing in the middle Mohawk River valley in New York: the easternmost of the Iroquois Five Nations.

    Category: Peoples

  2. the Iroquoian language of the Mohawks.

    Category: Peoples

  3. a river flowing E from central New York to the Hudson. 148 mi. (240 km) long.

    Category: Geography (places)

  4. (often l.c.) a hairstyle with the scalp shaved except for a center strip of stiff, bluntly cut hair running front to back.

    Category: Clothing

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Mohawk(noun)

    a member of the Iroquoian people formerly living along the Mohawk River in New York State

  2. Mohawk(noun)

    the Iroquoian language spoken by the Mohawk

  3. mohawk, mohawk haircut(noun)

    haircut in which the head is shaved except for a band of hair down the middle of the scalp


  1. Mohawk(Noun)

    (also mohawk) A hairstyle where both sides are shaved, with the hair along the crest of the head kept long, and usually styled so as to stand straight up.

  2. Mohawk(ProperNoun)

    An indigenous people of North America originally from the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York to southern Quebec and eastern Ontario, the easternmost of the Iroquois Five Nations.

  3. Mohawk(ProperNoun)

    The Iroquoian language spoken by these North American indigenous people.

  4. mohawk(Noun)


Webster Dictionary

  1. Mohawk(noun)

    one of a tribe of Indians who formed part of the Five Nations. They formerly inhabited the valley of the Mohawk River

  2. Mohawk(noun)

    one of certain ruffians who infested the streets of London in the time of Addison, and took the name from the Mohawk Indians


  1. Mohawk

    Mohawk is a village in Herkimer County, New York, United States. The population was 2,731 at the 2010 census. The village was named after the adjacent river. The Village of Mohawk is at the north border of the Town of German Flatts and adjacent to the Erie Canal. Mohawk is southeast of Utica. The sports teams of the Mohawk school district call themselves the "Mohicans". The Mohawk Nation occupied the Mohawk Valley.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Mohawk

    a tribe of American Indians, gave name to a band or club of ruffians who infested the streets of London in 1711-12.


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