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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

mod•es•tyˈmɒd ə sti(n.)

  1. regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress, etc.

  2. lack of vanity.

Origin of modesty:

1525–35; < L modestia. See modest , -y3

Princeton's WordNet

  1. modesty, modestness(noun)

    freedom from vanity or conceit

  2. modesty, reserve(noun)

    formality and propriety of manner

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. modesty(noun)ˈmɒd ə sti

    the quality of being modest

    Modesty kept her from listing everything she had done.; the modesty of the new fashions; the modesty of the people's homes


  1. modesty(Noun)

    The quality of being modest; having a limited and not overly high opinion of oneself and one's abilities.

  2. modesty(Noun)

    Moderate behaviour; reserve.

  3. modesty(Noun)

    Pudency, prudish avoidance of sexual explicitness.

  4. Origin: From modest + -y.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Modesty(noun)

    the quality or state of being modest; that lowly temper which accompanies a moderate estimate of one's own worth and importance; absence of self-assertion, arrogance, and presumption; humility respecting one's own merit

  2. Modesty(noun)

    natural delicacy or shame regarding personal charms and the sexual relation; purity of thought and manners; due regard for propriety in speech or action


  1. Modesty

    Modesty is a mode of dress and deportment intended not to encourage sexual attraction in others; actual standards vary widely. In this use, it can be considered inappropriate or immodest to reveal certain parts of the body. A modest woman would not behave so as to encourage the sexual attention of men. In some societies women must cover their bodies completely and may never talk to men who are not immediate family members; in others a fairly revealing but one-piece bathing costume is considered modest when other women wear bikinis. Modesty in dress and deportment is usually encouraged by peer pressure, although a few countries enforce rigid dress codes. In some countries, exposure of the body in breach of community standards of modesty is also considered to be public indecency, and public nudity is generally illegal in most of the world and regarded as indecent exposure. However, nudity is at times tolerated in some societies; for example, during a world naked bike ride, while a lone man attempting to walk naked from south to north Britain was repeatedly imprisoned. Small children are widely not expected to be fully clothed in public until they are grown up. In semi-public contexts standards of modesty vary. Nudity may be acceptable in public single-sex changing rooms at swimming baths, for example, or for mass medical examination of men for military service. In private, standards again depend upon the circumstances. A person who would never disrobe in the presence of a physician of the opposite sex in a social context might unquestioningly do so for a medical examination; others might allow examination, but only by a person of the same sex.

The Roycroft Dictionary

  1. modesty

    1. A beau-catcher that young ladies wear and women affect. 2. In a sweetmeat, the souffle through which we dig to reach the plums. 3. The blush on the face of Desire at the consciousness of its own immodesty. 4. Among men modesty is the will-to-wait and seize. 5. Venom, who sidles into corners and shuns the limelight, so that he may the better see. 6. The attitude of mind that precedes the pounce. 7. The subtlest symptom of paranoia. 8. Egotism turned wrong side out.

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