Definitions for Merchandiseˈmɜr tʃənˌdaɪz, -ˌdaɪs; -ˌdaɪz

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

mer•chan•diseˈmɜr tʃənˌdaɪz, -ˌdaɪs; -ˌdaɪz(n.; v.)-dised, -dis•ing.

  1. (n.)goods bought and sold; commodities.

    Category: Business

  2. the stock of goods in a store.

    Category: Business

  3. (v.i.)to carry on trade.

    Category: Business

  4. (v.t.)to buy and sell; trade.

    Category: Business

  5. to plan for and promote the sales of.

    Category: Business

Origin of merchandise:

1250–1300; ME marchandise < OF. See merchant , -ice


Princeton's WordNet

  1. merchandise, ware, product(verb)

    commodities offered for sale

    "good business depends on having good merchandise"; "that store offers a variety of products"

  2. trade, merchandise(verb)

    engage in the trade of

    "he is merchandising telephone sets"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. merchandise(noun)ˈmɜr tʃənˌdaɪz, -ˌdaɪs; v. -ˌdaɪz

    goods or products for sale

    valuable merchandise


  1. merchandise(Noun)

    Commodities offered for sale.

    good business depends on having good merchandise

  2. merchandise(Noun)

    A commodity offered for sale; an article of commerce; a kind of merchandise.

  3. merchandise(Verb)

    to engage in the trade of.

  4. Origin: From Anglo‐French marchaundise, from marchaunt.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Merchandise(noun)

    the objects of commerce; whatever is usually bought or sold in trade, or market, or by merchants; wares; goods; commodities

  2. Merchandise(noun)

    the act or business of trading; trade; traffic

  3. Merchandise(verb)

    to trade; to carry on commerce

  4. Merchandise(verb)

    to make merchandise of; to buy and sell

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


goods to be bought and sold

This store sells merchandise from all over the world.

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