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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. an increase in the price of an item.

  2. the amount added to the cost of goods to fix a selling price. the difference between cost and selling price, usu. stated as a percentage.

    Category: Business

  3. the putting of a legislative bill into final form.

    Category: Government

  4. a set of instructions on a manuscript or tags in an electronic document to determine styles of type, makeup of pages, and the like.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. markup(noun)

    the amount added to the cost to determine the asking price

  2. markup(noun)

    detailed stylistic instructions for typesetting something that is to be printed; manual markup is usually written on the copy (e.g. underlining words that are to be set in italics)


  1. markup(Noun)

    The notation that is used to indicate how text should be displayed.

  2. markup(Noun)

    The percentage or amount by which a seller hikes up his buy-in price when determining his selling price.

    You donu2019t make much money selling gas because the markup is so low.

  3. markup(Noun)

    An increase in price.

    There will be a markup on those products next week; better buy them now.


  1. Markup

    Markup is the difference between the cost of a good or service and its selling price. A markup is added on to the total cost incurred by the producer of a good or service in order to create a profit. The total cost reflects the total amount of both fixed and variable expenses to produce and distribute a product. Markup can be expressed as a fixed amount or as a percentage of the total cost or selling price. Retail markup is commonly calculated as the difference between wholesale price and retail price, as a percentage of wholesale. Other methods are also used.


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