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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. morning.

Origin of morn:

bef. 900; ME morn(e), OE morne (dat. of morgen morning); c. OFris morgen, morn, OS, OHG morgan (G Morgen); akin to OE myrgen, ON morginn, Go maurgins

Princeton's WordNet

  1. morning, morn, morning time, forenoon(noun)

    the time period between dawn and noon

    "I spent the morning running errands"


  1. morn(Noun)


  2. Origin: mōrn, morwen, from morgen, from murginaz (compare West Frisian moarn, Dutch morgen, Norwegian morgon), from pre-Germanic , , from mr̥Hko (compare Welsh bore ‘morning’, Lithuanian mérkti ‘to blink, twinkle’, Skt ‘ray of light’), from ‘to shimmer, glisten’ (compare Greek μέρα ‘morning’).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Morn(noun)

    the first part of the day; the morning; -- used chiefly in poetry

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