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Princeton's WordNet

  1. mid(a)(adj)

    used in combination to denote the middle

    "midmorning"; "midsummer"; "in mid-1958"; "a mid-June wedding"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Mid

    denoting the middle part; as, in mid ocean

  2. Mid

    occupying a middle position; middle; as, the mid finger; the mid hour of night

  3. Mid

    made with a somewhat elevated position of some certain part of the tongue, in relation to the palate; midway between the high and the low; -- said of certain vowel sounds; as, a (ale), / (/ll), / (/ld). See Guide to Pronunciation, // 10, 11

  4. Mid(noun)


  5. Mid

    see Amid

  6. Origin: [AS. midd; akin to OS. middi, D. mid (in comp.), OHG. mitti, Icel. mir, Goth. midjis, L. medius, Gr. me`sos, Skr. madhya. 271. Cf. Amid, Middle, Midst, Mean, Mediate, Meridian, Mizzen, Moiety.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Mid

    mid, adj. middle: situated between extremes.—prep. amid.—n. (Shak.) middle.—ns. Mid′-age (Shak.), the middle time of life, a person in middle-life; Mid′-air, Mid′-heav′en, the middle of the sky; Mid′day, the middle of the day: noon.—adj. of or pertaining to noon.—adj. Mid′dest (Spens.), most nearly in the middle: middlemost.—n. the midst, middle.—n. Mid′-hour, the middle part of the day.—adj. Mid′land, in the middle of, or surrounded by, land: distant from the coast: inland.—n. the interior of a country: (pl.) esp. the central parts of England.—n. Mid′-Lent, the middle or fourth Sunday in Lent.—adj. Mid′most, middlemost.—n. Mid′night, the middle of the night: twelve o'clock at night.—adj. being at midnight: dark as midnight.—ns. Mid′noon, noon; Mid′-sea, the open sea.—adj. Mid′ship, being in the middle of a ship.—n. Mid′shipman, in the British navy, an officer whose rank is next above that of a naval cadet: in the U.S. navy, the lowest grade of officers in the line of promotion, now called Naval cadet.—adv. Mid′ships.—ns. Mid′summer, the middle of summer: the summer solstice, about the 21st of June; Mid′summer-day, the 24th of June; Mid′way, the middle of the way or distance.—adj. being in the middle of the way or distance.—adv. half-way.—n. Mid′winter, the middle of winter: the winter solstice (21st or 22d December), or the time shortly before or after it. [A.S. (mid-), middgen; Ger. mitte and mittel, L. medius, Gr. mesos.]

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'MID' in Written Corpus Frequency: #4208

  2. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'MID' in Adjectives Frequency: #764

Anagrams for MID »

  1. Dim

  2. IDM

  3. MDI


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of MID in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of MID in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Andrew Schneider:

    By mid-November I always like to have an extra 15 pounds on me.

  2. John Howard Payne:

    Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

  3. Bank Vontobel:

    Swatch Group is the only (Swiss) player which also has a strong position in low to mid-end segments, swatch Group has a market share of 60-65 percent in the low to mid-end (accounting for 25 percent of sales).

  4. Douglas Davis:

    I think we're into our period of seasonal weakness, which usually runs from mid-August to mid-October, it's way overdue. And it should go further. We need a good decline to destabilize the market and get it ready again.

  5. Samuel Taylor Coleridge:

    Five miles meandering with mazy motion,Through dale the sacred river ran,Then reached the caverns measureless to man,And sank the tumult to a lifeless oceanAnd 'mid this tumult Kubla heard from farAncestral voices prophesying war

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