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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

mi•croˈmaɪ kroʊ(adj.; n.)(pl.)-cros.

  1. (adj.)extremely small.

  2. minute in scope or capability.

  3. Category: Common Vocabulary, Computers

    Ref: microcomputer

Origin of micro:

1965–70 micro -

Princeton's WordNet

  1. micro(adj)

    extremely small in scale or scope or capability


  1. micro(Adjective)

    Small, relatively small; .

    At the micro level he was a good manager. At the more macro level he failed.

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. micro

    1. Very small; this is the root of its use as a quantifier prefix. 2. A quantifier prefix, calling for multiplication by 10-6 (see quantifiers). Neither of these uses is peculiar to hackers, but hackers tend to fling them both around rather more freely than is countenanced in standard English. It is recorded, for example, that one CS professor used to characterize the standard length of his lectures as a microcentury — that is, about 52.6 minutes (see also attoparsec, nanoacre, and especially microfortnight). 3. Personal or human-scale — that is, capable of being maintained or comprehended or manipulated by one human being. This sense is generalized from microcomputer, and is esp. used in contrast with macro- (the corresponding Greek prefix meaning ‘large’). 4. Local as opposed to global (or macro-). Thus a hacker might say that buying a smaller car to reduce pollution only solves a microproblem; the macroproblem of getting to work might be better solved by using mass transit, moving to within walking distance, or (best of all) telecommuting.

The Standard Electrical Dictionary

  1. Micro

    A prefix meaning "one-millionth of;" a micro-farad is one-millionth of a farad.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


very small

micro computer; microprint; micro-organism.

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