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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

marcmɑrk; Fr. mar(n.)

  1. the residue of skins and pips of grapes after the juice is expressed.

    Category: Viniculture/Winemaking

  2. brandy distilled from this residue.

    Category: Viniculture/Winemaking

Origin of marc:

1595–1605; < MF, der. of marcher to tread (upon); see march1

Princeton's WordNet

  1. marc(noun)

    made from residue of grapes or apples after pressing


  1. marc(Noun)

    The refuse matter that remains after fruit, particularly grapes, has been pressed.

  2. marc(Noun)

    An alcoholic spirit distilled from the marc of grapes.

  3. Marc(ProperNoun)

    , a spelling variant of Mark in the French fashion.

  4. Origin: Probably from marca

Webster Dictionary

  1. Marc(noun)

    the refuse matter which remains after the pressure of fruit, particularly of grapes

  2. Marc(noun)

    a weight of various commodities, esp. of gold and silver, used in different European countries. In France and Holland it was equal to eight ounces

  3. Marc(noun)

    a coin formerly current in England and Scotland, equal to thirteen shillings and four pence

  4. Marc(noun)

    a German coin and money of account. See Mark

Anagrams of MARC

  1. mrca, MRCA

  2. cram

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