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  1. promenade, mall(noun)

    a public area set aside as a pedestrian walk

  2. plaza, mall, center, shopping mall, shopping center, shopping centre(noun)

    mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers; usually includes restaurants and a convenient parking area; a modern version of the traditional marketplace

    "a good plaza should have a movie house"; "they spent their weekends at the local malls"

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  1. Mall(n.)

    A public access area containing a promenade for pedestrians; as, to gather near the Washington monument on the mall in Washington.

  2. Mall(n.)

    The paved or grassy strip between two roadways.

  3. Mall(n.)

    A shopping area with multiple shops and a concourse for predominantly or exclusively pedestrian use; in cities the concourse is usually a city street which may be temporarily or permamently closed to motor vehicles; in suburban areas, a mall is often located on a convenient highway, may be large, contained in one building or in multiple buildings connected by (usually covered) walkways. Also called shopping mall

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  1. mall(Noun)

    A large heavy wooden beetle; a mallet for driving anything with force; a maul.

  2. mall(Noun)

    A heavy blow.

  3. mall(Noun)

    An old game played with malls or mallets and balls. See pall mall

  4. mall(Noun)

    A place where the game of mall was played.

  5. mall(Noun)

    A public walk; a level shaded walk.

  6. mall(Noun)

    A pedestrianised street, especially a shopping precinct.

    pedestrian mall

  7. mall(Noun)

    An enclosed shopping centre.

  8. Origin: From mail

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  1. Mall(noun)

    a large heavy wooden beetle; a mallet for driving anything with force; a maul

  2. Mall(noun)

    a heavy blow

  3. Mall(noun)

    an old game played with malls or mallets and balls. See Pall-mall

  4. Mall(noun)

    a place where the game of mall was played. Hence: A public walk; a level shaded walk

  5. Mall(verb)

    to beat with a mall; to beat with something heavy; to bruise; to maul

  6. Mall(noun)

    formerly, among Teutonic nations, a meeting of the notables of a state for the transaction of public business, such meeting being a modification of the ancient popular assembly

  7. Mall(noun)

    a court of justice

  8. Mall(noun)

    a place where justice is administered

  9. Mall(noun)

    a place where public meetings are held

  10. Origin: [OE. malle, F. mail, L. malleus. Cf. Malleus.]

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  1. MALL

    MAL-like protein is a protein that in humans is encoded by the MALL gene. This gene encodes an element of the machinery for raft-mediated trafficking in endothelial cells. The encoded protein, a member of the MAL proteolipid family, predominantly localizes in glycolipid- and cholesterol-enriched membrane rafts. It interacts with caveolin-1.

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