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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

live•li•hoodˈlaɪv liˌhʊd(n.)

  1. a means of supporting one's existence, esp. financially or vocationally; living.

Origin of livelihood:

bef. 1000; earlier liveliod, livelihod, alter. of ME livelod, OE līflād conduct of life, way of life

Princeton's WordNet

  1. support, keep, livelihood, living, bread and butter, sustenance(noun)

    the financial means whereby one lives

    "each child was expected to pay for their keep"; "he applied to the state for support"; "he could no longer earn his own livelihood"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. livelihood(noun)ˈlaɪv liˌhʊd

    work that provides you with money to pay for the things you need

    the loss of the entire village's livelihood


  1. livelihood(Noun)

    The course of someone's life; a person's lifetime, or their manner of living; conduct, behaviour.

  2. livelihood(Noun)

    A person's means of supporting himself.

  3. livelihood(Noun)

    Property which brings in an income; an estate.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Livelihood(noun)

    subsistence or living, as dependent on some means of support; support of life; maintenance

  2. Livelihood(noun)

    liveliness; appearance of life

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a means of living, especially of earning enough money to feed oneself etc.

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