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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

li•censeˈlaɪ səns(n.; v.)-censed, -cens•ing.

  1. (n.)formal permission from a governmental or other constituted authority to do something, as to carry on some business or profession.

  2. a certificate, tag, plate, etc., giving proof of such permission; official permit:

    a driver's license.

  3. permission to do or not to do something.

  4. intentional deviation from rule, convention, or fact, as for the sake of literary or artistic effect:

    poetic license.

    Category: Literature

  5. exceptional freedom allowed in a special situation.

  6. excessive or undue freedom or liberty.

  7. licentiousness.

  8. the legal right to use a patent owned by another.

  9. (v.t.)to issue or grant a license to.

  10. to give permission to; authorize.

Origin of license:

1325–75; ME licence < MF < ML licentia authorization, L: freedom =licent-, s. of licēns, prp. of licēre to be allowed +-ia -ia

li′cens•erˈlaɪ sən sər, ˌlaɪ sənˈsɔr(n.)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. license, licence, permit(noun)

    a legal document giving official permission to do something

  2. license, licence(noun)

    freedom to deviate deliberately from normally applicable rules or practices (especially in behavior or speech)

  3. license, licence(noun)

    excessive freedom; lack of due restraint

    "when liberty becomes license dictatorship is near"- Will Durant; "the intolerable license with which the newspapers break...the rules of decorum"- Edmund Burke

  4. license, permission, permit(verb)

    the act of giving a formal (usually written) authorization

  5. license, licence, certify(verb)

    authorize officially

    "I am licensed to practice law in this state"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. license(verb)ˈlaɪ səns

    to give official permission for an activity or use

    He was not licensed to operate the machinery.


  1. license(Noun)

    A legal document giving official permission to do something; a permit.

  2. license(Noun)

    The legal terms under which a person is allowed to use a product, especially software.

    Even if you bought this product, it does NOT belong to you. You have a license to use it under the terms of this agreement, until you breach this agreement.

  3. license(Noun)

    Freedom to deviate deliberately from normally applicable rules or practices (especially in behavior or speech).

  4. license(Noun)

    Excessive freedom; lack of due restraint.

  5. license(Noun)

    An academic degree, the holder of which is called a licentiate, ranking slightly below doctorate, awarded by certain European and Latin-American universities.

  6. license(Verb)

    The act of giving a formal (usually written) authorization.

    It was decided to license Wikipedia under the GFDL.

  7. license(Verb)

    Authorize officially.

    I am licensed to practice law in this state.

  8. Origin: From licence, from licentia, from licens, present participle of licere; compare linquere, λείπω.

Webster Dictionary

  1. License(noun)

    authority or liberty given to do or forbear any act; especially, a formal permission from the proper authorities to perform certain acts or to carry on a certain business, which without such permission would be illegal; a grant of permission; as, a license to preach, to practice medicine, to sell gunpowder or intoxicating liquors

  2. License(noun)

    the document granting such permission

  3. License(noun)

    excess of liberty; freedom abused, or used in contempt of law or decorum; disregard of law or propriety

  4. License(noun)

    that deviation from strict fact, form, or rule, in which an artist or writer indulges, assuming that it will be permitted for the sake of the advantage or effect gained; as, poetic license; grammatical license, etc

  5. License(verb)

    to permit or authorize by license; to give license to; as, to license a man to preach

Anagrams of License

  1. selenic, silence

  2. Selenic

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to give a licence to or permit

He is licensed to sell alcohol.

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