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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ledg•erˈlɛdʒ ɛr(n.)

  1. an account book of final entry, in which business transactions are recorded.

    Category: Business

  2. a flat slab of stone laid over a grave.

Origin of ledger:

1475–85; earlier legger book

Princeton's WordNet

  1. ledger, leger, account book, book of account, book(noun)

    a record in which commercial accounts are recorded

    "they got a subpoena to examine our books"

  2. daybook, ledger(noun)

    an accounting journal as a physical object

    "he bought a new daybook"


  1. ledger(Noun)

    A book for keeping notes, especially one for keeping accounting records.

  2. ledger(Noun)

    : A collection of accounting entries consisting of credits and debits.

  3. ledger(Noun)

    : A board attached to a wall to provide support for attaching other structural elements (such as deck joists or roof rafters) to the building.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ledger(noun)

    a book in which a summary of accounts is laid up or preserved; the final book of record in business transactions, in which all debits and credits from the journal, etc., are placed under appropriate heads

  2. Ledger(noun)

    a large flat stone, esp. one laid over a tomb

  3. Ledger(noun)

    a horizontal piece of timber secured to the uprights and supporting floor timbers, a staircase, scaffolding, or the like. It differs from an intertie in being intended to carry weight


  1. Ledger

    A ledger is the principal book or computer file for recording and totaling monetary transactions by account, with debits and credits in separate columns and a beginning balance and ending balance for each account.

Anagrams of Ledger

  1. red-leg

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the book of accounts of an office or shop.

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