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  1. Olivier Kamitatu:

    By firing a minister who asked him to respect the constitution, Kabila has shown that he is at the end of his line.

  2. Hans Hoebeke:

    Cohesion in the Kabila camp has been maintained these last months, at this stage there is little-to-no pressure on him.

  3. Jean Omasombo:

    Kabila would like to put in place a government that can help him draw closer to public opinion while trying to keep himself in power.

  4. Fidel Bafilemba:

    The policy is to keep the FDLR as long as possible in eastern Congo because if it's gone Kabila himself will no longer have an alibi to not provide the basics to his people – water, education, food, security.

  5. Moise Katumbi:

    If President Kabila leaves within the constitutional timeframe, he will be a president who is very appreciated by the Congolese people, and I believe he can return after five years. The constitution permits a president to leave and return.

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