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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

jig•gerˈdʒɪg ər(n.)

  1. a person or thing that jigs.

  2. any of various sails.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

  3. any of various mechanical devices, many of which have a jerky or jolting motion.

  4. some contrivance, article, or part that one cannot or does not name more precisely.

    Category: Informal

  5. a measure of 1½ oz. (45 ml) used in cocktail recipes. a small whiskey glass holding this amount.

  6. a machine for forming ceramic plates or the like in a plaster mold rotating beneath a template.

    Category: Ceramics

  7. Category: Sport

    Ref: jig1 (def. 2). 1 2

Origin of jigger:


jig•gerˈdʒɪg ər(n.)

  1. Also called jig′ger flea`.

    Category: Entomology

    Ref: chigoe

  2. Category: Dialect

    Ref: chigger (def. 1). 1

Origin of jigger:

1750–60; var. of chigger

jig•gerˈdʒɪg ər(v.t.)

  1. to jerk rapidly; jig.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  2. to manipulate or alter, esp. for illegal or unethical purposes.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

Origin of jigger:


Princeton's WordNet

  1. shot glass, jigger, pony(noun)

    a small glass adequate to hold a single swallow of whiskey

  2. jiggermast, jigger(noun)

    any small mast on a sailing vessel; especially the mizzenmast of a yawl

  3. harvest mite, chigger, jigger, redbug(noun)

    larval mite that sucks the blood of vertebrates including human beings causing intense irritation


  1. jigger(Noun)

    A double-ended vessel, generally of stainless steel or other metal, one end of which typically measures 1 1/2 fluid ounces, the other typically 1 fluid ounce.

  2. jigger(Noun)

    One who jigs; a miner who sorts or cleans ore by the process of jigging.

  3. jigger(Noun)

    The sieve used in jigging ore.

  4. jigger(Noun)

    A measure of 1 1/2 fluid ounces of liquor.

  5. jigger(Noun)

    A device for producing flatware.

  6. jigger(Noun)

    A device used in the dyeing of cloth.

  7. jigger(Noun)

    A pendulum rolling machine for slicking or graining leather.

  8. jigger(Noun)

    A sandflea, Tunga penetrans, of the order Siphonaptera.

  9. jigger(Noun)

    A wooden or metal headed golf club used to play low flying shots to the putting green from short distances.

  10. jigger(Verb)

    To alter or adjust, particularly in ways not originally intended.

    You'll have to jigger it from the original specifications to get it to work.

  11. jigger(Verb)

    To use a jigger.

  12. jigger(Noun)

    A light tackle, consisting of a double and single block and the fall, used for various purposes, as to increase the purchase on a topsail sheet in hauling it home; the watch tackle.

  13. jigger(Noun)

    The smallest mast on a ship.

  14. jigger(Noun)

    A small fishing vessel, rigged like a yawl.

  15. jigger(Noun)

    A device used by fishermen to set their nets under the ice of frozen lakes. It consists of a plank of wood with an arm on it with a sharp metal tooth on the end of the arm. A rope is tied to the arm which, when pulled, propels the plank along the underside of the ice because the tooth catches the ice. Releasing the rope allows the tooth to sink away from the ice, and when the rope is tightened again, the tooth grabs the ice farther along, allowing the jigger to crawl along the underside of the ice.

  16. jigger(Noun)

    An alleyway separating the backs of two rows of houses.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jigger(noun)

    a species of flea (Sarcopsylla, / Pulex, penetrans), which burrows beneath the skin. See Chigoe

  2. Jigger

    one who, or that which, jigs; specifically, a miner who sorts or cleans ore by the process of jigging; also, the sieve used in jigging

  3. Jigger

    a horizontal table carrying a revolving mold, on which earthen vessels are shaped by rapid motion; a potter's wheel

  4. Jigger

    a templet or tool by which vessels are shaped on a potter's wheel

  5. Jigger

    a light tackle, consisting of a double and single block and the fall, used for various purposes, as to increase the purchase on a topsail sheet in hauling it home; the watch tackle

  6. Jigger

    a small fishing vessel, rigged like a yawl

  7. Jigger

    a supplementary sail. See Dandy, n., 2 (b)

  8. Jigger(noun)

    a pendulum rolling machine for slicking or graining leather; same as Jack, 4 (i)


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