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  1. time interval, interval(noun)

    a definite length of time marked off by two instants

  2. interval(noun)

    a set containing all points (or all real numbers) between two given endpoints

  3. interval, separation(noun)

    the distance between things

    "fragile items require separation and cushioning"

  4. interval, musical interval(noun)

    the difference in pitch between two notes

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  1. interval(Noun)

    A distance in space.

  2. interval(Noun)

    A period of time.

  3. interval(Noun)

    The difference (a ratio or logarithmic measure) in pitch between two notes, often referring to those two pitches themselves (otherwise known as a dyad).

  4. interval(Noun)

    A connected section of the real line which may be empty or have a length of zero.

  5. interval(Noun)

    An intermission.

  6. interval(Noun)

    half time, a scheduled intermission between the periods of play

  7. interval(Noun)

    Either of the two breaks, at lunch and tea, between the three sessions of a day's play

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  1. Interval(noun)

    a space between things; a void space intervening between any two objects; as, an interval between two houses or hills

  2. Interval(noun)

    space of time between any two points or events; as, the interval between the death of Charles I. of England, and the accession of Charles II

  3. Interval(noun)

    a brief space of time between the recurrence of similar conditions or states; as, the interval between paroxysms of pain; intervals of sanity or delirium

  4. Interval(noun)

    difference in pitch between any two tones

  5. Interval(noun)

    alt. of Intervale

  6. Origin: [L. intervallum; inter between + vallum a wall: cf. F. intervalle. See Wall.]

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  1. Interval

    In music theory, an interval is the difference between two pitches. An interval may be described as horizontal, linear, or melodic if it refers to successively sounding tones, such as two adjacent pitches in a melody, and vertical or harmonic if it pertains to simultaneously sounding tones, such as in a chord. In Western music, intervals are most commonly differences between notes of a diatonic scale. The smallest of these intervals is a semitone. Intervals smaller than a semitone are called microtones. They can be formed using the notes of various kinds of non-diatonic scales. Some of the very smallest ones are called commas, and describe small discrepancies, observed in some tuning systems, between enharmonically equivalent notes such as C♯ and D♭. Intervals can be arbitrarily small, and even imperceptible to the human ear. In scientific terms, an interval is the ratio between two sonic frequencies. For example, any two notes an octave apart have a frequency ratio of 2:1. This means that successive increments of pitch by the same interval result in an exponential increase of frequency, even though the human ear perceives this as a linear increase in pitch. For this reason, intervals are often measured in cents, a unit derived from the logarithm of the frequency ratio.

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  1. interval

    1. The space between adjacent groups of ships or boats measured in any direction between the corresponding ships or boats in each group. 2. The space between adjacent individuals, ground vehicles, or units in a formation that are placed side by side, measured abreast. 3. The space between adjacent aircraft measured from front to rear in units of time or distance. 4. The time lapse between photographic exposures. 5. At battery right or left, an interval ordered in seconds is the time between one gun firing and the next gun firing. Five seconds is the standard interval. 6. At rounds of fire for effect the interval is the time in seconds between successive rounds from each gun.

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    Rank popularity for the word 'Interval' in Nouns Frequency: #1382

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