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Princeton's WordNet

  1. ingress, immersion(noun)

    (astronomy) the disappearance of a celestial body prior to an eclipse

  2. entrance, entering, entry, ingress, incoming(noun)

    the act of entering

    "she made a grand entrance"


  1. ingress(Noun)

    The act of entering.

  2. ingress(Noun)

    Permission to enter.

  3. ingress(Noun)

    A door or other means of entering.

  4. ingress(Verb)

    To intrude or insert oneself

  5. ingress(Verb)

    To enter (a specified location or area)

  6. ingress(Verb)

    To enter into a zodiacal sign

  7. ingress(Verb)

    To manifest or cause to be manifested in the temporal world; to effect ingression

  8. Origin: * From ingressus, from the verb ingredi.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ingress(noun)

    the act of entering; entrance; as, the ingress of air into the lungs

  2. Ingress(noun)

    power or liberty of entrance or access; means of entering; as, all ingress was prohibited

  3. Ingress(noun)

    the entrance of the moon into the shadow of the earth in eclipses, the sun's entrance into a sign, etc

  4. Ingress(verb)

    to go in; to enter

  5. Origin: [L. ingressus, fr. ingredi. See Ingredient.]

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  1. resigns

  2. singers

  3. signers

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