Definitions for Inducementɪnˈdus mənt, -ˈdyus-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. incentive, inducement, motivator(noun)

    a positive motivational influence

  2. inducement, inducing(noun)

    act of bringing about a desired result

    "inducement of sleep"


  1. inducement(Noun)

    An incentive that helps bring about a desired state.

    Citation of Richard Stallman won't run on a free platform and (...) your program is actually an inducement for people to install non-free software.uE000196505uE001

  2. inducement(Noun)

    An introductory statement of facts or background information.

  3. inducement(Noun)

    The act of placing a port on a vessel's itinerary because the volume of cargo offered at that port justifies the cost of routing the vessel.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Inducement(noun)

    the act of inducing, or the state of being induced

  2. Inducement(noun)

    that which induces; a motive or consideration that leads one to action or induces one to act; as, reward is an inducement to toil

  3. Inducement(noun)

    matter stated by way of explanatory preamble or introduction to the main allegations of a pleading; a leading to


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