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  1. incident(noun)

    a single distinct event

  2. incident(adj)

    a public disturbance

    "the police investigated an incident at the bus station"

  3. incident(adj)

    falling or striking of light rays on something

    "incident light"

  4. incidental, incident(adj)

    (sometimes followed by `to') minor or casual or subordinate in significance or nature or occurring as a chance concomitant or consequence

    "incidental expenses"; "the road will bring other incidental advantages"; "extra duties incidental to the job"; "labor problems incidental to a rapid expansion"; "confusion incidental to a quick change"

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  1. incident(Noun)

    An event or occurrence.

  2. incident(Noun)

    A relatively minor event that is incidental to, or related to others

  3. incident(Noun)

    An event that may cause or causes an interruption or a crisis

  4. incident(Noun)

    In safety, an incident of workplace illness or injury

  5. incident(Adjective)

    Arising as the result of an event, inherent

  6. incident(Adjective)

    (of a stream of particles or radiation) falling on or striking a surface (e.g. "The incident light illuminated the surface.")

  7. Origin: Recorded since 1412, from incidens, the present active participle of incido, itself from in- + -cido, the combining form of cado.

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  1. Incident(adj)

    falling or striking upon, as a ray of light upon a reflecting surface

  2. Incident(adj)

    coming or happening accidentally; not in the usual course of things; not in connection with the main design; not according to expectation; casual; fortuitous

  3. Incident(adj)

    liable to happen; apt to occur; befalling; hence, naturally happening or appertaining

  4. Incident(adj)

    dependent upon, or appertaining to, another thing, called the principal

  5. Incident(noun)

    that which falls out or takes place; an event; casualty; occurrence

  6. Incident(noun)

    that which happens aside from the main design; an accidental or subordinate action or event

  7. Incident(noun)

    something appertaining to, passing with, or depending on, another, called the principal

  8. Origin: [L. incidens, -entis, p. pr. & of incidere to fall into or upon; pref. in- in, on + cadere to fall: cf. F. incident. See Cadence.]

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  1. Incident

    L. Ron Hubbard used the term Incident in a specific context for auditing in Scientology and Dianetics: the description of space opera events in our Universe's distant past, involving alien interventions in our past lives. It is a basic belief of Scientology that a human being is actually an immortal spiritual being, termed a thetan, that is presently trapped on planet Earth in a "meat body". The thetan has had innumerable past lives and it is accepted in Scientology that lives antedating the thetan's arrival on Earth lived in extraterrestrial cultures. Although Incidents can literally be any incident that occurs anywhere on the Whole Track, Hubbard's writings dwelled almost exclusively on fanciful ones from Earth's prehistory, because these "key incidents" are crucial to auditing. Many of them first appeared in Hubbard's book What to Audit. In his writings and lectures, Hubbard describes many key Incidents said to have occurred to thetans during the past few trillion years. Generally speaking, these followed a consistent pattern. A hostile alien civilization would capture free thetans and brainwash them with implants designed to confuse them or otherwise render them more amenable to control. Often, instances of implantation are termed Incidents, while the subject of the implants are often termed Goals, although these are not set-in-stone rules. Not all Incidents deal with implants; some are simply unusual and traumatic events said to have happened to thetans millions of years ago. This trauma is said to linger for trillions of years and causes unresolved psychological problems in the present day. According to Hubbard, only Scientology methods can resolve the burdens left by such traumas.

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  1. incident

    1. In information operations, an assessed event of attempted entry, unauthorized entry, or an information attack on an automated information system. It includes unauthorized probing and browsing; disruption or denial of service; altered or destroyed input, processing, storage, or output of information; or changes to information system hardware, firmware, or software characteristics with or without the users

British National Corpus

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    Rank popularity for the word 'Incident' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #2752

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    Rank popularity for the word 'Incident' in Written Corpus Frequency: #3252

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Incident' in Nouns Frequency: #891

Translations for Incident

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • واقعة, حادثة, حادثArabic
  • осраҡ, хәл, осраҡлы, ваҡиғаBashkir
  • událostCzech
  • begivenhedDanish
  • Vorfall, Ereignis, Begebenheit, Geschehnis, Störfall, einfallendGerman
  • προσπίπτουσα, συναφής, προσπίπτωνGreek
  • incidenteSpanish
  • حادثهPersian
  • selkkaus, lankeava, johtuva, tapaus, tapahtuma, välikohtausFinnish
  • incidentFrench
  • ionsaitheachIrish
  • tuiteamasScottish Gaelic
  • תקריתHebrew
  • պատահար, դեպք, դիպվածArmenian
  • 事故Japanese
  • 事件, 사건Korean
  • gebeuren, voorval, gebeurtenis, episode, inslaand, inherentDutch
  • padający, wydarzenie, incydent, towarzyszący, wynikającyPolish
  • incidentePortuguese
  • deranjament, caz, incident, minor incident, mic incident, episod, incidentalRomanian
  • случай, падающий, свойственный, происшествие, инцидентRussian
  • incidentSerbo-Croatian
  • händelse, olyckshändelse, tilldragelse, tillbudSwedish

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