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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

hothɒt(adj.; adv.; n.)hot•ter, hot•test

  1. (adj.)having or giving off heat; having a high temperature:

    hot coffee.

  2. having, attended with, or causing a sensation of great bodily heat.

    Category: Physiology

  3. sharply peppery or pungent:

    Is this mustard hot?

  4. having or showing intense or violent feeling; ardent; vehement:

    a hot temper.

  5. Slang. sexually aroused; lustful. sexy; attractive.

    Category: Status (usage)

  6. violent, furious, or intense:

    the hottest battle of the war.

  7. strong or fresh, as a scent or trail.

  8. absolutely new; fresh:

    hot off the press.

  9. following very closely; close:

    hot on the trail.

  10. Informal.very good:

    not so hot.

    Category: Informal

  11. (of colors) extremely intense:

    hot pink.

  12. Informal. currently popular or in demand.

    Category: Informal

  13. Slang. extremely lucky or favorable.

    Category: Status (usage)

  14. Slang. (in sports and games) playing well or winningly; scoring effectively.

    Category: Sport, Status (usage)

  15. Slang. funny; absurd:

    That's a hot one!

    Category: Status (usage)

  16. (in games) close to the object or answer being sought.

    Category: Games

  17. Informal. extremely exciting or interesting; sensational:

    hot news.

    Category: Informal

  18. (of jazz) emotionally intense, propulsive, and marked by aggressive attack and warm, full tone. (of a musician) skilled in playing hot jazz.

    Category: Music and Dance

  19. Informal. (of a vehicle) capable of attaining extremely high speeds.

    Category: Informal

  20. Slang. stolen recently or otherwise illegal and dangerous to possess. wanted by the police. dangerous.

    Category: Status (usage)

  21. Informal. in a state of mind to perform exceedingly well or rapidly.

    Category: Informal

  22. actively conducting an electric current or containing a high voltage:

    a hot wire.

    Category: Electricity and Magnetism

  23. Category: Physics

    Ref: radioactive.

  24. noting any process involving plastic deformation of a metal at a temperature high enough to permit recrystallization:

    hot working.

    Category: Metallurgy

  25. (adv.)in a hot manner; hotly.

  26. while hot.

  27. at a temperature high enough to permit recrystallization:

    The wire was drawn hot.

    Category: Metallurgy

  28. (n.)the hots,Slang. intense sexual desire.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Status (usage)

Idioms for hot:

  1. hot and heavy,Informal. in an intense, vehement, or passionate manner.

    Category: Idiom, Informal

  2. hot under the collar,Informal. angry; excited; upset.

    Category: Idiom, Informal

Origin of hot:

bef. 1000; ME ho(o)t, OE hāt, c. OFris, OS hēt, OHG heiz, ON heitr


Princeton's WordNet

  1. hot(adj)

    used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning

    "hot stove"; "hot water"; "a hot August day"; "a hot stuffy room"; "she's hot and tired"; "a hot forehead"

  2. hot, raging(adj)

    characterized by violent and forceful activity or movement; very intense

    "the fighting became hot and heavy"; "a hot engagement"; "a raging battle"; "the river became a raging torrent"

  3. hot(adj)

    extended meanings; especially of psychological heat; marked by intensity or vehemence especially of passion or enthusiasm

    "a hot temper"; "a hot topic"; "a hot new book"; "a hot love affair"; "a hot argument"

  4. hot(adj)

    (color) bold and intense

    "hot pink"

  5. hot(adj)

    sexually excited or exciting

    "was hot for her"; "hot pants"

  6. hot(adj)

    recently stolen or smuggled

    "hot merchandise"; "a hot car"

  7. blistering, hot, red-hot(adj)

    very fast; capable of quick response and great speed

    "a hot sports car"; "a blistering pace"; "got off to a hot start"; "in hot pursuit"; "a red-hot line drive"

  8. hot(adj)

    wanted by the police

    "a hot suspect"

  9. hot, spicy(adj)

    producing a burning sensation on the taste nerves

    "hot salsa"; "jalapeno peppers are very hot"

  10. hot(adj)

    performed or performing with unusually great skill and daring and energy

    "a hot drummer"; "he's hot tonight"

  11. hot(adj)

    very popular or successful

    "one of the hot young talents"; "cabbage patch dolls were hot last season"

  12. hot(adj)

    very unpleasant or even dangerous

    "make it hot for him"; "in the hot seat"; "in hot water"

  13. hot, red-hot(adj)

    newest or most recent

    "news hot off the press"; "red-hot information"

  14. hot(adj)

    having or bringing unusually good luck

    "hot at craps"; "the dice are hot tonight"

  15. hot(adj)

    very good; often used in the negative

    "he's hot at math but not so hot at history"

  16. hot(adj)

    newly made

    "a hot scent"

  17. hot(adj)

    having or showing great eagerness or enthusiasm

    "hot for travel"

  18. hot(adj)

    of a seeker; very near to the object sought

    "you are hot"

  19. hot(adj)

    having or dealing with dangerously high levels of radioactivity

    "hot fuel rods"; "a hot laboratory"

  20. hot, live(adj)

    charged or energized with electricity

    "a hot wire"; "a live wire"

  21. hot(adj)

    marked by excited activity

    "a hot week on the stock market"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. hot(adjective)ɒt

    having a high temperature

    Careful, the food is hot.; I love hot weather.; It's hot in here.; I'm hot. Can we open a window?

  2. hotɒt

    (of food) spicy in a way that makes your tongue sting

    He likes really hot chillies.

  3. hotɒt

    popular, attractive, and exciting

    What are the hot new looks for Spring?; Bollywood's hottest couple

  4. hotɒt

    involving lots of activity and emotion

    one of the hottest topics of the election

  5. hotɒt

    causing sexual feelings

    The guys in that band are hot!

  6. hotɒt

    not very good or very well

    The restaurant wasn't so hot.; "How do you feel?" "Not so hot."


  1. hot(Verb)

    To heat, or to become hot

  2. hot(Verb)

    To become lively or exciting

  3. hot(Adjective)

    Of an object, having a high temperature.

    He forgot the frying pan was hot, and dropped it suddenly.

  4. hot(Adjective)

    Of the weather, causing the air to be hot.

  5. hot(Adjective)

    Of a person or animal, feeling the sensation of heat, especially to the point of discomfort.

  6. hot(Adjective)


  7. hot(Adjective)

    Of food, spicy.

    Before moving to India, I never ate hot food. The Indians love spicy food.

  8. hot(Adjective)

    Very good, remarkable, exciting.

    He's a hot young player, we should give him a trial.

  9. hot(Adjective)


    hot merchandise

  10. hot(Adjective)

    Electrically charged

    a hot wire

  11. hot(Adjective)


  12. hot(Adjective)

    Of a person, very physically or sexually attractive.

    That girl is hot!

  13. hot(Adjective)

    Sexual; involving sexual intercourse or sexual excitement.

  14. hot(Adjective)

    Popular; in demand.

    His new pickup is hot!

  15. hot(Adjective)

    Very close to finding or guessing something to be found or guessed.

    Am I warm yet? uE00014463uE001 You're hot!

  16. hot(Adjective)

    Performing strongly; having repeated successes

  17. hot(Adjective)

    Fresh; just released

  18. hot(Adjective)

    Uncomfortable, difficult to deal with; awkward, dangerous, unpleasant.

  19. hot(Adjective)


Webster Dictionary

  1. Hot

    of Hight

  2. Hot

    imp. & p. p. of Hote

  3. Hot

    having much sensible heat; exciting the feeling of warmth in a great degree; very warm; -- opposed to cold, and exceeding warm in degree; as, a hot stove; hot water or air

  4. Hot

    characterized by heat, ardor, or animation; easily excited; firely; vehement; passionate; violent; eager

  5. Hot

    lustful; lewd; lecherous

  6. Hot

    acrid; biting; pungent; as, hot as mustard

  7. Hot

    of Hote

  8. Hot

    of Hote


  1. Hot

    Hot is the debut album by British pop singer Melanie B, who is a member of the Spice Girls.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'HOT' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #1191

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'HOT' in Written Corpus Frequency: #840

  3. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'HOT' in Adjectives Frequency: #131

Anagrams of HOT

  1. tho, tho', thô

Translations for HOT

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


having or causing a great deal of heat

a hot oven; That water is hot.

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