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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

hang*hæŋ(v.)hung; hanged, hang•ing

  1. (v.t.)to fasten or attach (a thing) so that it is supported only from above or at a point near its own top; suspend.

  2. to attach or suspend so as to allow free movement:

    to hang a door.

  3. to place in position or fasten so as to allow easy or ready movement.

  4. to execute by suspending from a gallows, gibbet, or the like:

    to hang a convicted murderer.

  5. to suspend by the neck until dead:

    He committed suicide by hanging himself.

  6. to furnish or decorate with something suspended:

    to hang a room with pictures.

  7. to fasten into position; fix at a proper angle:

    to hang a scythe.

  8. to fasten or attach (wallpaper, pictures, curtains, etc.) to a wall or the like.

  9. to exhibit (a painting or group of paintings). to put the paintings of (an art exhibition) on the wall of a gallery.

    Category: Fine Arts

  10. to attach or annex as an addition:

    to hang a rider on a bill.

  11. to make (something) dependent on something else:

    She hung the meaning of her puns on the current political scene.

  12. to throw (a baseball pitch) so that it fails to break, as a curve.

    Category: Sports and Games

  13. (used in mild curses and emphatic expressions, often as a euphemism for damn):

    Well, I'll be hanged!

  14. to keep (a jury) from rendering a verdict, as one juror by refusing to agree with the others.

  15. (v.i.)to be suspended; dangle.

  16. to swing freely, as on a hinge.

  17. to incline downward, jut out, or lean over or forward.

  18. to be suspended by the neck, as from a gallows, and suffer death in this way.

  19. to be conditioned or contingent; be dependent:

    Our future hangs on the outcome of their discussion.

  20. to be doubtful or undecided; waver or hesitate.

  21. to remain unfinished or undecided; be delayed.

  22. to linger, remain, or persist.

  23. to float or hover in the air.

  24. to be oppressive, burdensome, or tedious:

    guilt that hangs on one's conscience.

  25. to fit or drape in graceful lines:

    That coat hangs well in back.

  26. to be exhibited: to have one's works on display:

    Her works hang in this museum.

    Rembrandt hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Category: Fine Arts

  27. hang out.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  28. hang around or about,Informal. to spend time in a certain place or in certain company. to linger about; loiter.

    Category: Verb Phrase, Informal

  29. hang back, to hesitate or be reluctant to move forward or take action.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  30. hang in (there),Informal. to persevere or endure.

    Category: Verb Phrase, Status (usage)

  31. hang on, to cling tightly. to persevere in doing something. to persist unremittingly, as an illness. to keep a telephone line open: to wait briefly; keep calm. to listen very attentively to:

    Hang on, I'll see if she's here.

    They hung on his every word.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  32. hang out, to lean out, suspend, or be suspended, as through an opening. Informal. to loiter idly; frequent a place. Informal. to associate in casual companionship.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  33. hang over, to remain unfinished or unsettled. to menace; overshadow.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  34. hang up, to suspend, as on a hook. to stop or delay the progress of. to end a telephone call by breaking the connection.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  35. (n.)the way in which a thing hangs.

  36. Informal. the precise manner of doing, using, etc., something; knack.

    Category: Informal

  37. Informal. meaning or significance:

    to get the hang of a subject.

    Category: Informal

  38. the least degree of care, concern, etc. (used in mild curses and emphatic expressions as a euphemism for damn)

    : He doesn't give a hang about it.

Idioms for hang:

  1. hang a left (or right), Slang. to make a left (or right) turn, as while driving.

    Category: Idiom, Status (usage)

  2. hang fire, (of a weapon) to be delayed in exploding or firing. to be kept in a state of delay.

    Category: Idiom

  3. hang it up,Informal. to quit; give up.

    Category: Informal, Idiom

  4. hang loose,Slang. to remain relaxed or calm.

    Category: Status (usage), Idiom

  5. hang one on, Slang. to become very drunk. to hit (someone).

    Category: Status (usage), Idiom

  6. hang together, to be loyal to one another; remain united. to cohere. to be logical or consistent.

    Category: Idiom

  7. hang tough,Informal. to remain unyielding or inflexible.

    Category: Status (usage), Idiom

* Usage: hanged, the historically older form of the past tense and past participle, is rarely used except in the sense of putting to death, esp. legally: to be hanged by the neck until dead. But hung also occurs in this sense, except in legal documents, and is actually the more frequent form when legal execution is not meant: The prisoner hung himself in his cell. This use of hung is sometimes considered incorrect.

Origin of hang:

bef. 900; fusion of 3 verbs: (1) ME, OE hōn to hang (v.t.), c. OS, OHG hāhan, Go hāhan; (2) ME hang(i)en, OE hangian to hang (v.i.), c. OS hangon, OHG hangēn; (3) ME hengen < ON hengja to hang (v.t.)


Princeton's WordNet

  1. bent, knack, hang(noun)

    a special way of doing something

    "he had a bent for it"; "he had a special knack for getting into trouble"; "he couldn't get the hang of it"

  2. hang(noun)

    the way a garment hangs

    "he adjusted the hang of his coat"

  3. hang(verb)

    a gymnastic exercise performed on the rings or horizontal bar or parallel bars when the gymnast's weight is supported by the arms

  4. hang(verb)

    be suspended or hanging

    "The flag hung on the wall"

  5. hang, hang up(verb)

    cause to be hanging or suspended

    "Hang that picture on the wall"

  6. hang, string up(verb)

    kill by hanging

    "The murderer was hanged on Friday"

  7. hang(verb)

    let drop or droop

    "Hang one's head in shame"

  8. hang, fall, flow(verb)

    fall or flow in a certain way

    "This dress hangs well"; "Her long black hair flowed down her back"

  9. hang(verb)

    be menacing, burdensome, or oppressive

    "This worry hangs on my mind"; "The cloud of suspicion hangs over her"

  10. attend, hang, advert, pay heed, give ear(verb)

    give heed (to)

    "The children in the audience attended the recital quietly"; "She hung on his every word"; "They attended to everything he said"

  11. hang(verb)

    be suspended or poised

    "Heavy fog hung over the valley"

  12. cling, hang(verb)

    hold on tightly or tenaciously

    "hang on to your father's hands"; "The child clung to his mother's apron"

  13. hang(verb)

    be exhibited

    "Picasso hangs in this new wing of the museum"

  14. hang(verb)

    prevent from reaching a verdict, of a jury

  15. hang(verb)

    decorate or furnish with something suspended

    "Hang wallpaper"

  16. hang(verb)

    be placed in position as by a hinge

    "This cabinet door doesn't hang right!"

  17. hang(verb)

    place in position as by a hinge so as to allow free movement in one direction

    "hang a door"

  18. hang(verb)

    suspend (meat) in order to get a gamey taste

    "hang the venison for a few days"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. hang(verb)æŋ

    to attach or be attached at the top with the bottom not attached

    Hang your coats on the hooks.; Where should I hang this picture?; a rope hanging from the tree branch

  2. hangæŋ

    to kill sb by hanging them from a rope around their neck

    He hanged himself.

  3. hangæŋ

    to be suspended in the air

    smoke hanging in the air above the houses

  4. hang(noun)æŋ

    to learn how to do

    It takes a few days to get the hang of it.


  1. Hang(Noun)

    Name and trademark of a musical instrument invented and built by PANArt Hangbau AG.

  2. Origin: From hang sangwich, Irish colloquial pronunciation of sandwich.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hang(verb)

    to suspend; to fasten to some elevated point without support from below; -- often used with up or out; as, to hang a coat on a hook; to hang up a sign; to hang out a banner

  2. Hang(verb)

    to fasten in a manner which will allow of free motion upon the point or points of suspension; -- said of a pendulum, a swing, a door, gate, etc

  3. Hang(verb)

    to fit properly, as at a proper angle (a part of an implement that is swung in using), as a scythe to its snath, or an ax to its helve

  4. Hang(verb)

    to put to death by suspending by the neck; -- a form of capital punishment; as, to hang a murderer

  5. Hang(verb)

    to cover, decorate, or furnish by hanging pictures trophies, drapery, and the like, or by covering with paper hangings; -- said of a wall, a room, etc

  6. Hang(verb)

    to paste, as paper hangings, on the walls of a room

  7. Hang(verb)

    to hold or bear in a suspended or inclined manner or position instead of erect; to droop; as, he hung his head in shame

  8. Hang(verb)

    to be suspended or fastened to some elevated point without support from below; to dangle; to float; to rest; to remain; to stay

  9. Hang(verb)

    to be fastened in such a manner as to allow of free motion on the point or points of suspension

  10. Hang(verb)

    to die or be put to death by suspension from the neck

  11. Hang(verb)

    to hold for support; to depend; to cling; -- usually with on or upon; as, this question hangs on a single point

  12. Hang(verb)

    to be, or be like, a suspended weight

  13. Hang(verb)

    to hover; to impend; to appear threateningly; -- usually with over; as, evils hang over the country

  14. Hang(verb)

    to lean or incline; to incline downward

  15. Hang(verb)

    to slope down; as, hanging grounds

  16. Hang(verb)

    to be undetermined or uncertain; to be in suspense; to linger; to be delayed

  17. Hang(noun)

    the manner in which one part or thing hangs upon, or is connected with, another; as, the hang of a scythe

  18. Hang(noun)

    connection; arrangement; plan; as, the hang of a discourse

  19. Hang(noun)

    a sharp or steep declivity or slope


  1. Hang

    In computing, a hang or freeze occurs when either a single computer program or the whole system ceases to respond to inputs. In the most commonly encountered scenario, a workstation with a graphical user interface, all windows belonging to the frozen program become static, and though the mouse cursor still moves on the screen, neither typing on the keyboard nor clicking the mouse produces any effect in the program's windows. The mouse cursor may also be stuck in a form indicating that it is waiting for some operation to complete, such as an hourglass or a spinning wait cursor. Many modern operating systems provide the user with a means to terminate a hung program without rebooting or logging out. In more severe hangs affecting the whole system, no window belonging to any program will respond to keyboard or mouse input, and often the mouse cursor will freeze in place on the screen. Almost always, the only way to recover from a system freeze is to reboot the machine, usually by power cycling with an on/off or reset button. On Windows systems, if clicked on, a hanging program will gain "Not Responding" in parentheses on its top bar. A hang differs from a crash, in which a program exits abnormally or the operating system shuts down.

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. hang

    1. [very common] To wait for an event that will never occur. “The system is hanging because it can't read from the crashed drive”. See wedged, hung. 2. To wait for some event to occur; to hang around until something happens. “The program displays a menu and then hangs until you type a character.” Compare block. 3. To attach a peripheral device, esp. in the construction ‘hang off’: “We're going to hang another tape drive off the file server.” Implies a device attached with cables, rather than something that is strictly inside the machine's chassis.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'HANG' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #4375

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'HANG' in Written Corpus Frequency: #784

  3. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'HANG' in Verbs Frequency: #246

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to put or fix, or to be put or fixed, above the ground eg by a hook

We'll hang the picture on that wall; The picture is hanging on the wall.

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