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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

good*gʊd(adj.; n.; interj.; adv.)bet•ter, best

  1. (adj.)morally excellent; virtuous; righteous:

    a good man.

  2. satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree:

    a good teacher; good health.

  3. of high quality; excellent:

    to wear good jewelry.

  4. right; proper; fit:

    It is good that you are here.

  5. well-behaved:

    a good child.

  6. kind or friendly:

    to do a good deed.

  7. honorable or worthy:

    a good name.

  8. educated and refined:

    a good background.

  9. financially sound:

    His credit is good.

  10. genuine; not counterfeit:

    a good quarter.

  11. sound or valid:

    good judgment.

  12. healthful; beneficial:

    Fresh fruit is good for you.

  13. in excellent condition; healthy:

    good teeth.

  14. not spoiled or tainted; edible.

  15. favorable; propitious:

    good news.

  16. cheerful; amiable:

    in good spirits.

  17. free of distress or pain; comfortable:

    a patient in good condition.

  18. agreeable; enjoyable:

    Have a good time.

  19. attractive:

    She has a good figure.

  20. (of the complexion) smooth; free from blemish.

  21. close; warm:

    She's a good friend.

  22. sufficient or ample:

    a good supply.

  23. advantageous; satisfactory for the purpose:

    a good day for fishing.

  24. competent or skillful; clever:

    good at arithmetic.

  25. skillfully done:

    a really good job.

  26. conforming to rules of grammar, usage, etc.; correct:

    good English.

    Category: Language/Linguistics

  27. socially proper:

    good manners.

  28. comparatively new or of relatively fine quality or condition:

    good clothes.

  29. full:

    a good day's journey away.

  30. fairly large:

    a good amount.

  31. free from precipitation or cloudiness:

    good weather.

  32. fertile; rich:

    good soil.

  33. loyal:

    a good Democrat.

  34. (of a return or service in tennis, handball, etc.) landing within the limits of a court or section of a court.

    Category: Sport

  35. (of the surface of a racetrack) drying after a rain so as to be still slightly sticky.

    Category: Sport

  36. designating the grade of meat, esp. lamb or veal, below choice.

    Category: Cooking

  37. favorably regarded (used as an epithet): the good ship Syrena.

  38. (n.)profit or advantage; benefit:

    What good will that do?

  39. excellence or merit; kindness:

    to do good.

  40. virtue:

    to be a power for good.

  41. goods, possessions, esp. movable effects or personal property. Sometimes, good. articles of trade; merchandise: Informal. what has been promised or is expected: Informal. evidence of guilt, as stolen articles:

    linen goods.

    to deliver the goods.

    caught with the goods.

    Category: Business, Informal

  42. the good, the ideal of goodness or morality. good things or persons collectively.

  43. (interj.)(used as an expression of approval or satisfaction):

    Good! Now we can all go home.

  44. (adv.)Informal. well.

    Category: Informal

Idioms for good:

  1. for good,finally and permanently; forever.

    Category: Idiom

  2. good and,very (used as an intensifier):

    The coffee is good and hot.

    Category: Idiom, Informal

  3. good for, certain to repay (money owed). the equivalent in value of: serviceable or useful for (a specified length of time or distance).

    This pass is good for two free seats.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Idiom

  4. to the good, generally advantageous. richer in profit or gain:

    Afterwards, we were several thousand dollars to the good.

    Category: Idiom

* Syn: See property.Usage: The use of good as an adverb, esp. after forms of do, is common only in informal speech: He did good on the test. In formal speech or edited writing the adverb well is used instead: He did well on the test. The adjective good is standard after linking verbs like taste, smell, look, feel, be, and seem: Everything tastes good. You're looking good today. When used after look or feel,good may refer to spirits as well as health. well as an adjective used after look, feel, or other linking verbs often refers to good health: You're looking well; we missed you while you were in the hospital. See also bad1.

Origin of good:

bef. 900; ME; OE gōd, c. OFris, OS gōd, OHG guot, ON gōthr, Go goths


Princeton's WordNet

  1. good(noun)


    "for your own good"; "what's the good of worrying?"

  2. good, goodness(noun)

    moral excellence or admirableness

    "there is much good to be found in people"

  3. good, goodness(noun)

    that which is pleasing or valuable or useful

    "weigh the good against the bad"; "among the highest goods of all are happiness and self-realization"

  4. commodity, trade good, good(adj)

    articles of commerce

  5. good(adj)

    having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified

    "good news from the hospital"; "a good report card"; "when she was good she was very very good"; "a good knife is one good for cutting"; "this stump will make a good picnic table"; "a good check"; "a good joke"; "a good exterior paint"; "a good secretary"; "a good dress for the office"

  6. full, good(adj)

    having the normally expected amount

    "gives full measure"; "gives good measure"; "a good mile from here"

  7. good(adj)

    morally admirable

  8. estimable, good, honorable, respectable(adj)

    deserving of esteem and respect

    "all respectable companies give guarantees"; "ruined the family's good name"

  9. beneficial, good(adj)

    promoting or enhancing well-being

    "an arms limitation agreement beneficial to all countries"; "the beneficial effects of a temperate climate"; "the experience was good for her"

  10. good(adj)

    agreeable or pleasing

    "we all had a good time"; "good manners"

  11. good, just, upright(adj)

    of moral excellence

    "a genuinely good person"; "a just cause"; "an upright and respectable man"

  12. adept, expert, good, practiced, proficient, skillful, skilful(adj)

    having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude

    "adept in handicrafts"; "an adept juggler"; "an expert job"; "a good mechanic"; "a practiced marksman"; "a proficient engineer"; "a lesser-known but no less skillful composer"; "the effect was achieved by skillful retouching"

  13. good(adj)


    "had a good workout"; "gave the house a good cleaning"

  14. dear, good, near(adj)

    with or in a close or intimate relationship

    "a good friend"; "my sisters and brothers are near and dear"

  15. dependable, good, safe, secure(adj)

    financially sound

    "a good investment"; "a secure investment"

  16. good, right, ripe(adj)

    most suitable or right for a particular purpose

    "a good time to plant tomatoes"; "the right time to act"; "the time is ripe for great sociological changes"

  17. good, well(p)(adj)

    resulting favorably

    "it's a good thing that I wasn't there"; "it is good that you stayed"; "it is well that no one saw you"; "all's well that ends well"

  18. effective, good, in effect(p), in force(p)(adj)

    exerting force or influence

    "the law is effective immediately"; "a warranty good for two years"; "the law is already in effect (or in force)"

  19. good(adj)

    capable of pleasing

    "good looks"

  20. good, serious(adj)

    appealing to the mind

    "good music"; "a serious book"

  21. good, sound(adj)

    in excellent physical condition

    "good teeth"; "I still have one good leg"; "a sound mind in a sound body"

  22. good, salutary(adj)

    tending to promote physical well-being; beneficial to health

    "beneficial effects of a balanced diet"; "a good night's sleep"; "the salutary influence of pure air"

  23. good, honest(adj)

    not forged

    "a good dollar bill"

  24. good, undecomposed, unspoiled, unspoilt(adj)

    not left to spoil

    "the meat is still good"

  25. good(adverb)

    generally admired

    "good taste"

  26. well, good(adverb)

    (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well')

    "the children behaved well"; "a task well done"; "the party went well"; "he slept well"; "a well-argued thesis"; "a well-seasoned dish"; "a well-planned party"; "the baby can walk pretty good"

  27. thoroughly, soundly, good(adverb)

    completely and absolutely (`good' is sometimes used informally for `thoroughly')

    "he was soundly defeated"; "we beat him good"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. good(adjective)ʊd

    of a high quality or standard

    a good book; good quality cloth; His speech was good.

  2. goodʊd

    having a pleasant taste

    good food; This cake is so good.

  3. goodʊd

    making you feel pleased or happy

    We had a good time last night.; the best feeling in the world; "She's home." "Good, I'll start making dinner."

  4. goodʊd

    skillful or talented

    a good violinist; the best athlete at school

  5. goodʊd

    suitable or appropriate

    a good time to get some work done; Is tomorrow good for you?

  6. goodʊd

    having positive effects

    Fruits and vegetables are good for you.; It's good for him to see that life can be hard.

  7. goodʊd

    treating people in a kind and helpful way

    The department has been good to its employees.

  8. goodʊd

    (of children) behaving appropriately

    Your kids are always so good.

  9. goodʊd

    fairly large; = decent

    The house is a good size.; a good salary

  10. goodʊd

    indicates that sth is likely

    There's a good chance that he will play this week.

  11. goodʊd

    still usable and of a reasonable quality

    Do you think the cheese is still good?

  12. goodʊd

    morally good or right

    a good woman; a good cause

  13. goodʊd

    complete or full

    I didn't get a good look at her.; It takes a good hour to get there by car.

  14. goodʊd

    funny or entertaining

    a good story/joke

  15. goodʊd

    able to be used; = valid

    Your passport is good for ten years.

  16. goodʊd

    used to praise sb

    "I swam ten laps." "Good for you!"

  17. goodʊd

    indicates you are glad sth happened

    It's a good thing that you didn't forget the umbrellas.

  18. goodʊd

    indicates a very good situation cannot last or be real

    I knew all that money was too good to be true.

  19. good(noun)ʊd

    sth that is helpful or has a positive effect

    The punishment was for his own good.

  20. goodʊd

    be helpful to sb

    It'll do her good to be outside for a while.

  21. goodʊd

    ≠ evil

    the forces of good and evil

  22. goodʊd

    permanently; = forever

    They kicked him off the team for good.

  23. goodʊd

    of a low quality or standard

    The movie wasn't any good.

  24. goodʊd

    not skilled or talented at

    I was no good at art in school.

  25. goodʊd

    not useful; = ineffective

    I speak Spanish, but that won't be much good in Greece.

  26. goodʊd

    involved in bad or illegal activities

    Those kids are up to no good.

  27. good(adverb)ʊd

    nonstandard use meaning "well"

    "How are you?" "I'm good, thanks."

Webster Dictionary

  1. Good

    possessing desirable qualities; adapted to answer the end designed; promoting success, welfare, or happiness; serviceable; useful; fit; excellent; admirable; commendable; not bad, corrupt, evil, noxious, offensive, or troublesome, etc

  2. Good

    possessing moral excellence or virtue; virtuous; pious; religious; -- said of persons or actions

  3. Good

    kind; benevolent; humane; merciful; gracious; polite; propitious; friendly; well-disposed; -- often followed by to or toward, also formerly by unto

  4. Good

    serviceable; suited; adapted; suitable; of use; to be relied upon; -- followed especially by for

  5. Good

    clever; skillful; dexterous; ready; handy; -- followed especially by at

  6. Good

    adequate; sufficient; competent; sound; not fallacious; valid; in a commercial sense, to be depended on for the discharge of obligations incurred; having pecuniary ability; of unimpaired credit

  7. Good

    real; actual; serious; as in the phrases in good earnest; in good sooth

  8. Good

    not small, insignificant, or of no account; considerable; esp., in the phrases a good deal, a good way, a good degree, a good share or part, etc

  9. Good

    not lacking or deficient; full; complete

  10. Good

    not blemished or impeached; fair; honorable; unsullied; as in the phrases a good name, a good report, good repute, etc

  11. Good(noun)

    that which possesses desirable qualities, promotes success, welfare, or happiness, is serviceable, fit, excellent, kind, benevolent, etc.; -- opposed to evil

  12. Good(noun)

    advancement of interest or happiness; welfare; prosperity; advantage; benefit; -- opposed to harm, etc

  13. Good(noun)

    wares; commodities; chattels; -- formerly used in the singular in a collective sense. In law, a comprehensive name for almost all personal property as distinguished from land or real property

  14. Good(adverb)

    well, -- especially in the phrase as good, with a following as expressed or implied; equally well with as much advantage or as little harm as possible

  15. Good(verb)

    to make good; to turn to good

  16. Good(verb)

    to manure; to improve


  1. Good

    In economics, a good is a material that satisfies human wants and provides utility, for example, to a consumer making a purchase. A common distinction is made between 'goods' that are tangible property and services, which are non-physical. Commodities may be used as a synonym for economic goods but often refer to marketable raw materials and primary products. Although in economic theory, all goods are considered tangible, in reality certain classes of goods, such as information, only are in intangible forms. For example, among other goods an apple is a tangible object, while news belongs to an intangible class of goods and can be perceived only by means of an instrument such as print, broadcast or computer.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'GOOD' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #120

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'GOOD' in Written Corpus Frequency: #105

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'GOOD' in Nouns Frequency: #1590

  4. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'GOOD' in Adjectives Frequency: #2

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well-behaved; not causing trouble etc

Be good!; She's a good baby.

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