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  1. geo

    .geo was a generic top-level domain proposed by SRI International to be used to associate Internet resources with geographical locations, via a system of "georegistrars" and "georegistries" with hierarchical addresses representing locations in a grid encircling the Earth. These addresses are not intended to be typed in directly by end-users but rather, would be used "behind the scenes" by software looking things up by location. A number of schemes have been proposed or implemented in an attempt to classify Internet sites geographically; many of them do not require anything special in DNS. The .geo proposal can, hence, be criticized as making unnecessary use of a top-level domain where it might have been implemented using subdomains elsewhere, or with non-DNS methods such as "meta" tags in Web sites. .geo was proposed to ICANN as part of the first round of new top-level domains in 2000, but failed to gain approval, and there has not been any noticeable activity regarding this proposal for several years.

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  1. Zhang Baohui:

    The larger geo-strategic context is more important than Second Thomas Shoal.

  2. Eduardo Phillipe Miranda:

    We produce 40-45 percent of all our electricity here using geo-thermal power plants.

  3. Javier Corral:

    Guzman's escape isn't the work of pinpoint, geo-localized engineering, it's the fruit of the enormous corruption staining (Pena Nieto's) government.

  4. Mickey Mehta:

    Faith can move mountains and prayers trigger energy fountains.They both influence the Geo-magnetic forces and life manifests. Pray, energize, materialize, MickeyMize.

  5. Eric Marshall:

    Reforms can really only go so far, and so long as Geo continues to meet targets and raise its dividend, I think it is realistic to see it trading above $50 in the next year or so.

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