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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

farefɛər(n.; v.)fared, far•ing.

  1. (n.)the price of conveyance or passage in a bus, train, airplane, or other carrier.

  2. a person who pays to be conveyed in a vehicle; paying passenger.

  3. food; diet:

    hearty fare.

  4. something offered to the public, as for entertainment:

    literary fare.

  5. Archaic. the state of things.

  6. (v.i.)to succeed; get on:

    I have fared well in my profession.

  7. to go; travel.

  8. to eat and drink.

Origin of fare:

bef. 1000; (n.) ME; OE fær; (v.) ME; OE faran


Princeton's WordNet

  1. menu, fare(noun)

    an agenda of things to do

    "they worked rapidly down the menu of reports"

  2. fare, transportation(noun)

    the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance

  3. fare(noun)

    a paying (taxi) passenger

  4. fare(verb)

    the food and drink that are regularly served or consumed

  5. do, fare, make out, come, get along(verb)

    proceed or get along

    "How is she doing in her new job?"; "How are you making out in graduate school?"; "He's come a long way"

  6. fare(verb)

    eat well

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. fare(noun)ɛər

    the cost of a trip

    rising air fares; a cab fare

Webster Dictionary

  1. Fare(noun)

    to go; to pass; to journey; to travel

  2. Fare(noun)

    to be in any state, or pass through any experience, good or bad; to be attended with any circummstances or train of events, fortunate or unfortunate; as, he fared well, or ill

  3. Fare(noun)

    to be treated or entertained at table, or with bodily or social comforts; to live

  4. Fare(noun)

    to happen well, or ill; -- used impersonally; as, we shall see how it will fare with him

  5. Fare(noun)

    to behave; to conduct one's self

  6. Fare

    a journey; a passage

  7. Fare

    the price of passage or going; the sum paid or due for conveying a person by land or water; as, the fare for crossing a river; the fare in a coach or by railway

  8. Fare

    ado; bustle; business

  9. Fare

    condition or state of things; fortune; hap; cheer

  10. Fare

    food; provisions for the table; entertainment; as, coarse fare; delicious fare

  11. Fare

    the person or persons conveyed in a vehicle; as, a full fare of passengers

  12. Fare

    the catch of fish on a fishing vessel


  1. Fare

    A fare is the fee paid by a passenger for use of a public transport system: rail, bus, taxi, etc. In the case of air transport, the term airfare is often used. Fare structure is the system set up to determine how much is to be paid by various passengers using a transit vehicle at any given time. A linked trip is a trip from the origin to the destination on the transit system. Even if a passenger must make several transfers during a journey, the trip is counted as one linked trip on the system.

The Foolish Dictionary, by Gideon Wurdz

  1. FARE

    The cost of a ride. See old adage, "Only the brave can work their fare."

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'FARE' in Nouns Frequency: #2376

Anagrams of FARE

  1. FERA

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the price of a journey on a train, bus, ship etc

He hadn't enough money for his bus fare.

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