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Princeton's WordNet

  1. endemic, endemic disease(noun)

    a disease that is constantly present to a greater or lesser degree in people of a certain class or in people living in a particular location

  2. endemic(adj)

    a plant that is native to a certain limited area

    "it is an endemic found only this island"

  3. endemic, endemical(adj)

    of or relating to a disease (or anything resembling a disease) constantly present to greater or lesser extent in a particular locality

    "diseases endemic to the tropics"; "endemic malaria"; "food shortages and starvation are endemic in certain parts of the world"

  4. endemic(adj)

    native to or confined to a certain region

    "the islands have a number of interesting endemic species"

  5. autochthonal, autochthonic, autochthonous, endemic, indigenous(adj)

    originating where it is found

    "the autochthonal fauna of Australia includes the kangaroo"; "autochthonous rocks and people and folktales"; "endemic folkways"; "the Ainu are indigenous to the northernmost islands of Japan"


  1. endemic(Noun)

    An individual or species that is endemic to a region.

  2. endemic(Adjective)

    Native to a particular area or culture; originating where it occurs.

    Kangaroos are endemic to Australia.

  3. endemic(Adjective)

    (Especially of plants and animals.) Peculiar to a particular area or region; not found in other places.

    The endemic religion of Easter Island arrived with the Polynesian settlers.

  4. endemic(Adjective)

    (Especially of diseases.) Prevalent in a particular area or region.

    Malaria is endemic to the tropics.

  5. Origin: From ἐν + δῆμος. Possibly via ἔνδημος and/or French endémique.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Endemic(adj)

    alt. of Endemical

  2. Endemic(noun)

    an endemic disease

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Endemic

    -al, en-dem′ik, -al, Endemial, en-dē′mi-al, adj. peculiar to a people or a district, as a disease.—n. Endem′ic, a disease affecting a number of persons simultaneously, in such manner as to show a distinct connection with certain localities.—adv. Endem′ically.—ns. Endemi′city, state of being endemic; Endemiol′ogy, knowledge of endemic diseases. [Gr. endēmiosen, in, and dēmos, a people, a district.]

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Endemic

    a term applied to diseases which affect the inhabitants of certain countries and localities, and which arise from strictly local causes, e.g. neighbouring swamps, bad sanitation, impure water, climate, &c.


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