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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. electronic news gathering: a system of news reportage using portable television cameras and sound equipment.

    Category: Showbiz


  1. England.

    Category: Geography (places)

  2. English.


  1. engine.

    Category: Machinery

  2. engineer.

    Category: Machinery

  3. engineering.

    Category: Mechanics

  4. engraved.

  5. engraver.

  6. engraving.

    Category: Printing


  1. eng(Noun)

    Roman alphabet u014B: The Latin-based letter formed by combining the letters n and g, used in the IPA, Saami, Mende, and some Australian aboriginal languages. In the IPA, it represents the voiced velar nasal, the ng sound in running and rink.


  1. Eng

    Eng or engma is a letter of the Latin alphabet, used to represent a velar nasal in the written form of some languages and in the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Anagrams of ENG

  1. gen, Gen, Gen.

  2. neg

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


having or being only a small distance from side to side

a narrow road; The bridge is too narrow for large lorries to cross.

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