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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

E•doˈɛd oʊ, ˈeɪ doʊ(n.)

  1. Category: Geography (places)

    Ref: a former name of Tokyo .

E•doˈɛd oʊ(n.)(pl.)E•dos; E•do.

  1. a member of an African people of S Nigeria, living in Benin City and adjacent areas to the W of the Yoruba peoples. the Kwa language of this people.

    Category: Peoples

  2. a member of any of a group of African peoples, including the Edo and related peoples to their northeast and southeast. the group of Kwa languages spoken by these peoples.

    Category: Peoples

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Edo(noun)

    a member of a west African people living in the tropical forest region of southern Nigeria

  2. Tokyo, Tokio, Yeddo, Yedo, Edo, Japanese capital, capital of Japan(noun)

    the capital and largest city of Japan; the economic and cultural center of Japan


  1. Edo(ProperNoun)

    Former name of Tokyo

  2. Origin: From 江戸, literally "cove (江) entrance (戸)".


  1. Edo

    Edo, also romanized as Yedo or Yeddo, is the former name of Tokyo. It was the seat of power for the Tokugawa shogunate, which ruled Japan from 1603 to 1868. During this period it grew to become one of the largest cities in the world and home to an urban culture centered on the notion of a "floating world".

Anagrams of EDO

  1. DOE

  2. EOD

  3. ODE

  4. OED


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