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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

dy•na•mismˈdaɪ nəˌmɪz əm(n.)

  1. any of various theories that seek to explain phenomena of nature by the action of force.

    Category: Philosphy

    Ref: Compare mechanism (def. 6 ) 8 , vitalism (def. 1). 1

  2. great energy, force, or power.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. dynamism(noun)

    any of the various theories or doctrines or philosophical systems that attempt to explain the phenomena of the universe in terms of some immanent force or energy

  2. vigor, vigour, dynamism, heartiness(noun)

    active strength of body or mind

  3. dynamism, pizzazz, pizzaz, oomph, zing(noun)

    the activeness of an energetic personality


  1. dynamism(Noun)

    Any of several philosophical theories that attempt to explain the universe by an immanent force.

  2. dynamism(Noun)

    Great energy, drive, force, or power; vigor of body, mind or personality; oomph or pizzazz

  3. dynamism(Noun)

    Dynamic reality; active energy; continuous change, progress, or activity.

    The fact that the war is no longer the main issue in the election points to the dynamism of foreign affairs.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dynamism(noun)

    the doctrine of Leibnitz, that all substance involves force

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