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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

dom•i•nant*ˈdɒm ə nənt(adj.)

  1. ruling or controlling; having or exerting authority.

  2. occupying a commanding or elevated position.

  3. predominant; chief or foremost.

  4. Genetics. of or pertaining to that allele of a gene pair that masks the effect of the other when both are present in the same cell or organism. of or pertaining to the hereditary trait determined by such an allele.

    Category: Genetics

  5. pertaining to or based on the dominant in music.

    Category: Music and Dance

  6. (n.)Genetics. the dominant allele of a gene pair. the individual carrying such an allele. a dominant trait.

    Category: Genetics

    Ref: Compare recessive (def. 3). 4

  7. the fifth tone of a diatonic scale.

    Category: Music and Dance

  8. Ecol. any plant or sometimes animal that by virtue of its abundance, size, or habits exerts such an influence on the conditions of an area as to determine what other organisms can live there.

    Category: Ecology

* Syn: dominant , predominant , paramount describe something outstanding or supreme. dominant applies to something that exerts control or influence: the dominant powers at an international conference. predominant applies to something that is foremost at a specific time: English is one of the world's predominant languages. paramount refers to something that is first in rank or order: Safety is of paramount importance.

Origin of dominant:

1525–35; < L dominant-


Princeton's WordNet

  1. dominant(noun)

    (music) the fifth note of the diatonic scale

  2. dominant allele, dominant(adj)

    an allele that produces the same phenotype whether its paired allele is identical or different

  3. dominant(adj)

    exercising influence or control

    "television plays a dominant role in molding public opinion"; "the dominant partner in the marriage"

  4. dominant(adj)

    (of genes) producing the same phenotype whether its allele is identical or dissimilar

  5. prevailing, prevalent, predominant, dominant, rife(adj)

    most frequent or common

    "prevailing winds"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. dominant(adjective)ˈdɒm ə nənt

    ≠ minor

    dominant political parties


  1. dominant(Noun)

    The fifth major tone of a musical scale (five major steps above the note in question); thus G is the dominant of C, A of D, and so on.

  2. dominant(Noun)

    The triad built on the dominant tone.

  3. dominant(Adjective)

    Ruling; governing; prevailing; controlling; as, the dominant party, church, spirit, power.

    The dominant party controlled the government.

  4. dominant(Adjective)

    Predominant, common, prevalent, of greatest importance.

    The dominant plants of the Carboniferous were lycopods and early conifers.

  5. Origin: From dominant.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dominant(adj)

    ruling; governing; prevailing; controlling; predominant; as, the dominant party, church, spirit, power

  2. Dominant(noun)

    the fifth tone of the scale; thus G is the dominant of C, A of D, and so on


  1. Dominant

    In music, the dominant is the fifth scale degree of the diatonic scale, called "dominant" because it is next in importance to the tonic, and a dominant chord is any chord built upon that pitch, using the notes of the same diatonic scale. The dominant function has the role of creating instability that requires the tonic for resolution. For example, in the C major scale, the dominant is the note G; and the dominant triad consists of the notes G, B, and D.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Dominant' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #3179

  2. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Dominant' in Adjectives Frequency: #440

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


ruling; most important; strongest

the dominant group in society; Green was the dominant colour in the room.

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