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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a point or pointed end.

  2. an anatomical point or prominence, as on the crown of a tooth or on a valve of the heart.

    Category: Biology

  3. a point where two branches of a curve meet, end, and are tangent.

    Category: Math

  4. an architectural figure consisting of a pair of curves tangent to the line defining the area, decorated and meeting at a point within the area.

    Category: Architecture

  5. a point of a crescent, esp. of the moon.

    Category: Astronomy

  6. the degree of the zodiac that marks the beginning of an astrological house or sign. the beginning, esp. the first day, of a new sign. a person born on the first day of a sign.

    Category: Astrology

  7. a point that marks the beginning of a change:

    on the cusp of a new era.

Origin of cusp:

1575–85; < L cuspis a point


Princeton's WordNet

  1. cusp(noun)

    point formed by two intersecting arcs (as from the intrados of a Gothic arch)

  2. cusp, leaflet(noun)

    a thin triangular flap of a heart valve

  3. cusp(noun)

    small elevation on the grinding surface of a tooth


  1. cusp(Noun)

    A sharp point or pointed end.

  2. cusp(Noun)

    An important moment when a decision is made that will determine future events.

  3. cusp(Noun)

    A point of a curve where the curve is continuous but has no derivative, but such that it has a derivative at every nearby point.

  4. cusp(Noun)

    A point made by the intersection of two curved lines or curved structures. A common motif in Gothic architecture.

  5. cusp(Noun)

    A boundary between zodiacal signs and houses.

  6. cusp(Noun)

    Any of the pointed parts of a canine tooth or molar.

  7. Origin: From cuspis; first used in astrology.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cusp(noun)

    a triangular protection from the intrados of an arch, or from an inner curve of tracery

  2. Cusp(noun)

    the beginning or first entrance of any house in the calculations of nativities, etc

  3. Cusp(noun)

    the point or horn of the crescent moon or other crescent-shaped luminary

  4. Cusp(noun)

    a multiple point of a curve at which two or more branches of the curve have a common tangent

  5. Cusp(noun)

    a prominence or point, especially on the crown of a tooth

  6. Cusp(noun)

    a sharp and rigid point

  7. Cusp(verb)

    to furnish with a cusp or cusps


  1. Cusp

    A cusp is a pointed, projecting, or elevated feature. In animals, it is usually used to refer to raised points on the crowns of teeth.

Anagrams of Cusp

  1. UPSC

  2. CPUs

  3. cups


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