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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

coun•sel*ˈkaʊn səl(n.)(pl.)-sel

  1. (n.)advice; opinion or instruction regarding the judgment or conduct of another.

  2. interchange of opinions as to future procedure; consultation; deliberation.

  3. (used with a sing. or pl. v.) the lawyer or lawyers representing one party or the other in court.

    Category: Law

  4. deliberate purpose; plan; design.

  5. Archaic. a private or secret opinion or purpose.

  6. Obs. wisdom; prudence.

  7. (v.t.)to give advice to; advise.

  8. to urge the adoption of, as a course of action; recommend.

  9. (v.i.)to give counsel or advice.

  10. to get or take counsel or advice.

Idioms for counsel:

  1. keep one's own counsel,to remain silent.

    Category: Idiom

* for 3 . Syn: See advice.Usage: See council.

Origin of counsel:

1175–1225; (n.) ME counseil < AF cunseil, OF conseil < L consilium debate, advice, advisory body, plan

Princeton's WordNet

  1. advocate, counsel, counselor, counsellor, counselor-at-law, pleader(noun)

    a lawyer who pleads cases in court

  2. guidance, counsel, counseling, counselling, direction(verb)

    something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action

  3. rede, advise, counsel(verb)

    give advice to

    "The teacher counsels troubled students"; "The lawyer counselled me when I was accused of tax fraud"


  1. counsel(Noun)

    The exchange of opinions and advice; consultation

  2. counsel(Noun)

    Advice or guidance so given

  3. counsel(Noun)

    A lawyer, as in Queen's Counsel (QC)

  4. counsel(Verb)

    To give advice, especially professional advice.

  5. counsel(Verb)

    To recommend

  6. Origin: counseil, from conseil, from consilium; akin to consulo.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Counsel(noun)

    interchange of opinions; mutual advising; consultation

  2. Counsel(noun)

    examination of consequences; exercise of deliberate judgment; prudence

  3. Counsel(noun)

    result of consultation; advice; instruction

  4. Counsel(noun)

    deliberate purpose; design; intent; scheme; plan

  5. Counsel(noun)

    a secret opinion or purpose; a private matter

  6. Counsel(noun)

    one who gives advice, especially in legal matters; one professionally engaged in the trial or management of a cause in court; also, collectively, the legal advocates united in the management of a case; as, the defendant has able counsel

  7. Counsel(verb)

    to give advice to; to advice, admonish, or instruct, as a person

  8. Counsel(verb)

    to advise or recommend, as an act or course


  1. Counsel

    A counsel or a counselor gives advice, particularly in legal matters.

Anagrams of Counsel

  1. unclose

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He'll give you good counsel on your problems.

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