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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

chromekroʊm(n.; v.)chromed, chrom•ing.

  1. Category: Chemistry

    Ref: (not in technical use) chromium (def. 1). 1

  2. chromium-plated or other bright metallic trim, as on an automobile.

    Category: Metallurgy

  3. (in dyeing) the dichromate of potassium or sodium.

    Category: Chemistry

  4. (v.t.)to plate, dye, or treat with a compound of chromium.

    Category: Metallurgy, Clothing

Origin of chrome:

< F (1797): chromium < Gk chrôma color; so called from the brightly colored compounds in which it was found


  1. a combining form meaning “pigment”:

    lipochrome; phytochrome.

    Category: Affix

Origin of -chrome:

< Gk chrôma color

Princeton's WordNet

  1. chrome(verb)

    another word for chromium when it is used in dyes or pigments

  2. chrome, chromium-plate(verb)

    plate with chromium

    "chrome bathroom fixtures"

  3. chrome(verb)

    treat with a chromium compound


  1. chrome(Noun)

    Another name for chromium when used to plate other metals.

  2. chrome(Noun)

    The basic structural elements used in a graphical user interface, such as window frames and scroll bars, as opposed to the content.

  3. chrome(Verb)

    To plate with chrome.

  4. Origin: From chromium

Webster Dictionary

  1. Chrome(noun)

    same as Chromium


  1. Chrome

    Chrome is an American experimental rock group founded in San Francisco, California in 1975. Chrome took part of their inspiration for their rough and sometimes chaotic music from punk pioneers like The Stooges. The sound of the group was often coarse and featured heavy elements of feedback and distortion. Their experiments in mixing synthesized noise with rock instrumentation have been cited as a forerunner of industrial rock music.

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. chrome

    [from automotive slang via wargaming] Showy features added to attract users but contributing little or nothing to the power of a system. “The 3D icons in Motif are just chrome, but they certainly are pretty chrome!” Distinguished from bells and whistles by the fact that the latter are usually added to gratify developers' own desires for featurefulness. Often used as a term of contempt.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


an alloy of chromium and steel used for car-fittings etc.

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