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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

Chris•ten•domˈkrɪs ən dəm(n.)

  1. Christians collectively.

    Category: Religion

  2. the Christian world.

    Category: Religion

Origin of Christendom:

bef. 900

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Christendom, Christianity(noun)

    the collective body of Christians throughout the world and history (found predominantly in Europe and the Americas and Australia)

    "for a thousand years the Roman Catholic Church was the principal church of Christendom"


  1. Christendom(ProperNoun)

    The state of being a Christian.

  2. Christendom(ProperNoun)

    The Christian world.

  3. Origin: cristendom, corresponding to .

Webster Dictionary

  1. Christendom(noun)

    the profession of faith in Christ by baptism; hence, the Christian religion, or the adoption of it

  2. Christendom(noun)

    the name received at baptism; or, more generally, any name or appelation

  3. Christendom(noun)

    that portion of the world in which Christianity prevails, or which is governed under Christian institutions, in distinction from heathen or Mohammedan lands

  4. Christendom(noun)

    the whole body of Christians


  1. Christendom

    Christendom, or the Christian world, has several meanings. In a cultural sense, it refers to the worldwide community of Christians, adherents of Christianity. In its historical sense, the term usually refers to the medieval and early modern period, during which the Christian world represented a geopolitical power juxtaposed with both paganism and especially the military threat of the Muslim world. In a contemporary sense, it may simply refer collectively to Christian majority countries or countries in which Christianity dominates or nations in which Christianity is the established religion.

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the religion of Christ.

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