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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

curekyʊər(n.; v.)cured, cur•ing.

  1. (n.)a means of healing or restoring to health; remedy.

    Category: Medicine

  2. a method or course of remedial treatment, as for disease.

    Category: Medicine

  3. successful remedial treatment; restoration to health.

    Category: Medicine

  4. a means of correcting or relieving anything troublesome or detrimental:

    a cure for inflation.

  5. a process of preserving meat, fish, etc., by smoking, salting, or the like.

    Category: Cooking

  6. spiritual or religious charge of the people in a certain district.

    Category: Religion

  7. the office or district of a curate.

    Category: Religion

  8. (v.t.)to restore to health.

    Category: Medicine

  9. to relieve or rid of (an illness, bad habit, etc.).

  10. to prepare (meat, fish, etc.) for preservation by smoking, salting, etc.

    Category: Cooking

  11. to process (rubber, tobacco, etc.) as by fermentation or aging.

    Category: Chemistry

  12. to promote hardening of (fresh concrete or mortar), as by keeping damp.

  13. (v.i.)to effect a cure.

  14. to become cured.

Origin of cure:

1250–1300; (v.) < MF curer < L cūrāre to take care of, der. of cūra care; (n.) < OF cure < L cūra


cu•rékyʊˈreɪ, ˈkyʊər eɪ(n.)(pl.)-rés.

  1. (in France) a parish priest.

    Category: Foreign Term

Origin of curé:

1645–55; < F, OF; modeled on ML cūrātus parish priest; see curate

Princeton's WordNet

  1. remedy, curative, cure, therapeutic(verb)

    a medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieve pain

  2. bring around, cure, heal(verb)

    provide a cure for, make healthy again

    "The treatment cured the boy's acne"; "The quack pretended to heal patients but never managed to"

  3. cure(verb)

    prepare by drying, salting, or chemical processing in order to preserve

    "cure meats"; "cure pickles"; "cure hay"

  4. cure(verb)

    make (substances) hard and improve their usability

    "cure resin"; "cure cement"; "cure soap"

  5. cure(verb)

    be or become preserved

    "the apricots cure in the sun"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. cure(noun)ʊər

    a method or medicine that makes an illness better

    a cure for cancer

  2. cureʊər

    a solution to a problem

    a cure for the company's financial problems

  3. cure(verb)ʊər

    to make an illness or person better

    Can a genetic disease be cured?; They claim to have cured several people of cancer.

  4. cureʊər

    to solve a problem

    ways of curing employee burnout

  5. cureʊər

    to preserve food or plants

    instructions for curing ham; Wait for the wood to cure.


  1. cure(Noun)

    A method, device or medication that restores good health.

  2. cure(Noun)

    A solution to a problem.

  3. cure(Noun)

    A process of preservation, as by smoking.

  4. cure(Noun)

    A process of solidification or gelling.

  5. cure(Noun)

    A process whereby a material is caused to form permanent molecular linkages by exposure to chemicals, heat, pressure and/or weathering.

  6. cure(Noun)

    Care, heed, or attention.

  7. cure(Noun)

    Spiritual charge; care of soul; the office of a parish priest or of a curate;

  8. cure(Noun)

    That which is committed to the charge of a parish priest or of a curate; a curacy.

  9. cure(Verb)

    To restore to health.

    Unaided nature cured him.

  10. cure(Verb)

    To bring (a disease or its bad effects) to an end.

    Unaided nature cured his ailments.

  11. cure(Verb)

    To cause to be rid of (a defect).

    Experience will cure him of his naivete.

  12. cure(Verb)

    To prepare or alter especially by chemical or physical processing for keeping or use.

    The smoke and heat cures the meat.

  13. cure(Verb)

    To bring about a cure of any kind.

  14. cure(Verb)

    To be undergoing a chemical or physical process for preservation or use.

    The meat was put in the smokehouse to cure.

  15. cure(Verb)

    To solidify or gel.

    The parts were curing in the autoclave.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cure(noun)

    care, heed, or attention

  2. Cure(noun)

    spiritual charge; care of soul; the office of a parish priest or of a curate; hence, that which is committed to the charge of a parish priest or of a curate; a curacy; as, to resign a cure; to obtain a cure

  3. Cure(noun)

    medical or hygienic care; remedial treatment of disease; a method of medical treatment; as, to use the water cure

  4. Cure(noun)

    act of healing or state of being healed; restoration to health from disease, or to soundness after injury

  5. Cure(noun)

    means of the removal of disease or evil; that which heals; a remedy; a restorative

  6. Cure(verb)

    to heal; to restore to health, soundness, or sanity; to make well; -- said of a patient

  7. Cure(verb)

    to subdue or remove by remedial means; to remedy; to remove; to heal; -- said of a malady

  8. Cure(verb)

    to set free from (something injurious or blameworthy), as from a bad habit

  9. Cure(verb)

    to prepare for preservation or permanent keeping; to preserve, as by drying, salting, etc.; as, to cure beef or fish; to cure hay

  10. Cure(verb)

    to pay heed; to care; to give attention

  11. Cure(verb)

    to restore health; to effect a cure

  12. Cure(verb)

    to become healed

  13. Cure(noun)

    a curate; a pardon


  1. Cure

    Cure is a 1997 thriller film directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, starring Koji Yakusho, Masato Hagiwara, Tsuyoshi Ujiki and Anna Nakagawa.

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'CURE' in Nouns Frequency: #2856

  2. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'CURE' in Verbs Frequency: #1037

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to make better

That medicine cured me; That will cure him of his bad habits.

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