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Princeton's WordNet

  1. cape, ness(noun)

    a strip of land projecting into a body of water

  2. cape, mantle(noun)

    a sleeveless garment like a cloak but shorter


  1. cape(Noun)

    A sleeveless garment or part of a garment, hanging from the neck over the back, arms, and shoulders, but not reaching below the hips.

  2. cape(Verb)

    To head or point; to keep a course.

    The ship capes southwest by south.

  3. cape

    To skin an animal, particularly a deer.

  4. Origin: cap, from caput.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cape(noun)

    a piece or point of land, extending beyond the adjacent coast into the sea or a lake; a promontory; a headland

  2. Cape(verb)

    to head or point; to keep a course; as, the ship capes southwest by south

  3. Cape(noun)

    a sleeveless garment or part of a garment, hanging from the neck over the back, arms, and shoulders, but not reaching below the hips. See Cloak

  4. Cape(verb)

    to gape

  5. Origin: [See Gape.]


  1. Cape

    A cape is any sleeveless outer garment, such as a poncho, but usually it is a long garment that covers only the back half of the wearer, fastening around the neck. Capes were common in medieval Europe, especially when combined with a hood in the chaperon, and have had periodic returns to fashion, for example, in nineteenth century Europe. Roman Catholic clergy wear a type of cape known as a ferraiolo, which is worn for formal events outside of a liturgical context. The cope is a liturgical vestment in the form of a cape. Capes are often highly decorated with elaborate embroidery. Capes remain in regular use as rain wear in various military units and police forces, for example in France. A gas cape was a voluminous military garment designed to give rain protection to someone wearing the bulky gas masks used in twentieth century wars. In fashion, the word cape usually refers to a shorter garment and cloak to a full-length version of the different types of garment, though the two terms are sometimes used synonymously for full-length coverings. The fashion cape does not cover the front to any appreciable degree. In raingear, a cape is usually a long and roomy protective garment worn to keep one dry in the rain.

The Foolish Dictionary, by Gideon Wurdz

  1. CAPE

    A neck in the sea. CAPER A foot in the air.

Anagrams for CAPE »

  1. APEC

  2. EPCA

  3. PACE

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Alon Lits:

    As far as we're concerned, Cape Town's still business as usual.

  2. Alon Lits:

    As far as we ’re concerned, Cape Town ’s still business as usual.

  3. Greg Sullivan:

    This ten million is just another crumb that’s being thrown into the black hole of Cape Wind.

  4. Thomas Falzarano:

    In 2015, if we hit the mark, the Cape will be the busiest spaceport in the world. Business is picking up.

  5. Governor Chris Christie:

    Keep this in perspective, cape May County area was the least flooded area during Hurricane Sandy and had almost no damage in Cape May County area.

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