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Princeton's WordNet

  1. brim, rim, lip(noun)

    the top edge of a vessel or other container

  2. brim(verb)

    a circular projection that sticks outward from the crown of a hat

  3. brim(verb)

    be completely full

    "His eyes brimmed with tears"

  4. brim(verb)

    fill as much as possible

    "brim a cup to good fellowship"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Brim(noun)

    the rim, border, or upper edge of a cup, dish, or any hollow vessel used for holding anything

  2. Brim(noun)

    the edge or margin, as of a fountain, or of the water contained in it; the brink; border

  3. Brim(noun)

    the rim of a hat

  4. Brim(verb)

    to be full to the brim

  5. Brim(verb)

    to fill to the brim, upper edge, or top

  6. Brim(adj)

    fierce; sharp; cold. See Breme

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Brim

    brim, n. the margin or brink of a river or lake: the upper edge of a vessel: the rim of a hat.—v.t. to fill to the brim.—v.i. to be full to the brim:—pr.p. brim′ming; pa.p. brimmed.—adj. Brim′ful, full to the brim.—n. Brim′fulness (Shak.), fullness to the top.—adjs. Brim′less, without a brim; Brimmed, brimful: having a brim—used in composition.—n. Brim′mer, a bowl full to the brim or top.—adj. Brim′ming. [M. E. brymmebremman, to roar.]

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