Definitions for Boggleˈbɒg əl

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. boggle(verb)

    startle with amazement or fear

  2. boggle(verb)

    hesitate when confronted with a problem, or when in doubt or fear

  3. flabbergast, boggle, bowl over(verb)

    overcome with amazement

    "This boggles the mind!"


  1. boggle(Verb)

    To be bewildered, dumbfounded, or confused.

    He boggled at the surprising news.

  2. boggle(Verb)

    To confuse or mystify; overwhelm.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Boggle(noun)

    to stop or hesitate as if suddenly frightened, or in doubt, or impeded by unforeseen difficulties; to take alarm; to exhibit hesitancy and indecision

  2. Boggle(noun)

    to do anything awkwardly or unskillfully

  3. Boggle(noun)

    to play fast and loose; to dissemble

  4. Boggle(verb)

    to embarrass with difficulties; to make a bungle or botch of


  1. Boggle

    Boggle is a word game designed by Allan Turoff, and trademarked by Parker Brothers, a division of Hasbro. The game is played using a plastic grid of lettered dice, in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters.

Translations for Boggle

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • стряскам, плаша, стряскам се, плаша сеBulgarian
  • confondre's, estar confósCatalan, Valencian
  • být, zmaten, zmástCzech
  • kummastuttaa, tyrmistyttääFinnish
  • troubler, épater, être époustouflé, être confusFrench
  • clisg, breislichScottish Gaelic
  • לְהַסֵסHebrew
  • overdonderen, verbijsterd zijn, in de war zijn, verwarrenDutch
  • пугаться, поражаться, поражать, изумлятьRussian

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