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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a gesture used to signal, summon, or direct someone.

  2. Chiefly Scot. a bow or curtsy of greeting.

    Category: Scottish

Idioms for beck:

  1. at someone's beck and call, subject to someone's every wish.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of beck:

1325–75; ME, short var. of becnen to beckon


  1. Category: British

    Ref: creek. 1

* Brit..

Origin of beck:

1250–1300; ME becc < ON bekkr; akin to OE bece, OS beki, OHG bah

Princeton's WordNet

  1. beck(noun)

    a beckoning gesture

Webster Dictionary

  1. Beck(noun)

    see Beak

  2. Beck(noun)

    a small brook

  3. Beck(noun)

    a vat. See Back

  4. Beck(verb)

    to nod, or make a sign with the head or hand

  5. Beck(verb)

    to notify or call by a nod, or a motion of the head or hand; to intimate a command to

  6. Beck(noun)

    a significant nod, or motion of the head or hand, esp. as a call or command

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always ready to carry out someone's wishes

He has servants at his beck and call.

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