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Princeton's WordNet

  1. punch, clout, poke, lick, biff, slug(verb)

    (boxing) a blow with the fist

    "I gave him a clout on his nose"

  2. pummel, pommel, biff(verb)

    strike, usually with the fist

    "The pedestrians pummeled the demonstrators"


  1. biff(Noun)

    A sudden, sharp blow or punch.

  2. biff(Noun)

    : A wipeout.

  3. biff(Verb)

    To strike such a blow.

  4. biff(Verb)

    (NZ slang) To discard; to throw out; to throw away.

  5. biff(Verb)

    : To wipeout; to faceplant; to fall.


  1. biff

    biff is a mail notification system for UNIX.

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. biff

    [now rare] To notify someone of incoming mail. From the BSD utility biff(1), which was in turn named after a friendly dog who used to chase frisbees in the halls at UCB while 4.2BSD was in development. There was a legend that it had a habit of barking whenever the mailman came, but the author of biff says this is not true. No relation to B1FF.


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