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Princeton's WordNet

  1. assertion, averment, asseveration(noun)

    a declaration that is made emphatically (as if no supporting evidence were necessary)

  2. affirmation, assertion, statement(noun)

    the act of affirming or asserting or stating something


  1. assertion(Noun)

    The act of asserting, or that which is asserted; positive declaration or averment; affirmation; statement asserted; position advanced.

  2. assertion(Noun)

    Maintenance; vindication; as, the assertion of one's rights or prerogatives.

  3. assertion(Noun)

    A statement in a program asserting a condition expected to be true at a particular point, used in debugging.

  4. Origin: assertion, from assertio

Webster Dictionary

  1. Assertion(noun)

    the act of asserting, or that which is asserted; positive declaration or averment; affirmation; statement asserted; position advanced

  2. Assertion(noun)

    maintenance; vindication; as, the assertion of one's rights or prerogatives

  3. Origin: [L. assertio, fr. asserere.]


  1. Assertion

    In computer programming, an assertion is a predicate placed in a program to indicate that the developer thinks that the predicate is always true at that place.

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Assertion' in Nouns Frequency: #2820

Anagrams for Assertion »

  1. señoritas, senoritas

  2. airstones

  3. notarises

  4. rai stones

  5. reasonist

  6. Señoritas

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Matthew Bates:

    We disagree with your assertion that 'Kovalchuk has had a significant role in Energomash,'.

  2. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson:

    Chairman Chaffetz's assertion that this department has been 'uncooperative' is simply wrong.

  3. James Anthony Froude:

    Philosophy goes no further than probabilities, and in every assertion keeps a doubt in reserve.

  4. Superintendent Alton L. Frailey:

    However, the assertion that the teacher tried to force her to deny her God or threatened her God, that was not corroborated.

  5. Dan Barker:

    Faith is a cop-out. If the only way you can accept an assertion is by faith, then you are conceding that it cant be taken on its own merits.

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