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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

as•cen•sionəˈsɛn ʃən(n.)

  1. the act of ascending; ascent.

    Category: Religion

  2. the Ascension, the bodily ascending of Christ from earth to heaven.

    Category: Religion

  3. (cap.)

    Category: Religion

    Ref: Ascension Day.

Origin of ascension:

1300–50; ME (< AF) < L ascēnsiō=ascend(ere) to climb up (see ascend ) +-tiō -tion


As•cen•sionəˈsɛn ʃən(n.)

  1. a British island in the S Atlantic Ocean: constituent part of St. Helena. 1130; 34 sq. mi. (88 sq. km).

    Category: Geography (places)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Ascension, Ascension Day, Ascension of the Lord(noun)

    (Christianity) celebration of the Ascension of Christ into heaven; observed on the 40th day after Easter

  2. rise, rising, ascent, ascension(noun)

    a movement upward

    "they cheered the rise of the hot-air balloon"

  3. Ascension, Ascension of Christ(noun)

    (New Testament) the rising of the body of Jesus into heaven on the 40th day after his Resurrection

  4. ascension(noun)

    (astronomy) the rising of a star above the horizon

  5. rise, ascent, ascension, ascending(noun)

    the act of changing location in an upward direction


  1. ascension(Noun)

    The act of ascending; an ascent

    He made an ascension in the balloon to get a better view.

  2. Ascension(ProperNoun)

    entering heaven while still alive

  3. Ascension(ProperNoun)

    specifically, the believed entry of Jesus Christ into heaven after his resurrection.

  4. Ascension(ProperNoun)

    a holiday celebrating the Ascension of Jesus, 40 days after Easter.

  5. Origin: From ascensio

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ascension(noun)

    the act of ascending; a rising; ascent

  2. Ascension(noun)

    specifically: The visible ascent of our Savior on the fortieth day after his resurrection. (Acts i. 9.) Also, Ascension Day

  3. Ascension(noun)

    an ascending or arising, as in distillation; also that which arises, as from distillation

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Ascension

    a bare volcanic island in the Atlantic, rising to nearly 3000 ft., belonging to Britain, 500 m. NW. of St. Helena, and 900 m. from the coast of Africa; a coaling and victualling station for the navy.

Anagrams of Ascension

  1. canonises

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


Christ's ascent to heaven.

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