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Princeton's WordNet

  1. alcove, bay(noun)

    a small recess opening off a larger room


  1. alcove(Noun)

    A small recessed area set off from a larger room.

  2. Origin: From alcôve, from or Portuguese alcova, alcoba, from ‘the vault, chamber with vaulted roof’.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Alcove(noun)

    a recessed portion of a room, or a small room opening into a larger one; especially, a recess to contain a bed; a lateral recess in a library

  2. Alcove(noun)

    a small ornamental building with seats, or an arched seat, in a pleasure ground; a garden bower

  3. Alcove(noun)

    any natural recess analogous to an alcove or recess in an apartment


  1. Alcove

    Alcove is an architectural term for a recess in a room, usually screened off by pillars, balustrades or drapery. In geography and geology, alcove is used for a wind-eroded depression in the side of a cliff of a homogenous rock type, famous from sandstones of the Colorado Plateau like the Navajo Sandstone.

Anagrams of Alcove

  1. coeval

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