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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

a•cryl•icəˈkrɪl ɪk(adj.)

  1. of or derived from acrylic acid.

    Category: Chemistry

  2. Category: Chemistry, Textiles

    Ref: acrylic fiber.

  3. Category: Chemistry

    Ref: acrylic resin .

  4. a paint with an acrylic resin as vehicle.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Fine Arts

  5. a painting done in acrylic.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Fine Arts

Origin of acrylic:

1855–60; acr (olein ) + -yl+ -ic

Princeton's WordNet

  1. acrylic fiber, acrylic(noun)

    polymerized from acrylonitrile

  2. acrylic, acrylic resin, acrylate resin(noun)

    a glassy thermoplastic; can be cast and molded or used in coatings and adhesives

  3. acrylic, acrylic paint(noun)

    used especially by artists

  4. acrylic(noun)

    a synthetic fabric


  1. acrylic(Noun)

    An acrylic resin.

  2. acrylic(Noun)

    A paint containing an acrylic resin.

    When it comes to painting, i prefer using acrylics as my medium.

  3. acrylic(Noun)

    a painting executed using such a paint.

  4. acrylic(Noun)

    A thick sheet of plastic.

  5. acrylic(Noun)

    A liquid coating system based on an acrylic resin

  6. acrylic(Adjective)

    Derived from acrylic acid or acrylonitrile.

  7. acrylic(Adjective)

    Containing an acrylic resin.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Acrylic(adj)

    of or containing acryl, the hypothetical radical of which acrolein is the hydride; as, acrylic acid


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