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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

a•niˈɑ ni, ɑˈni(n.)(pl.)a•nis.

  1. any of several black cuckoos of the genus Crotophaga, of the tropical and subtropical New World.

    Category: Ornithology

Origin of ani:

1820–30; < Pg < Tupi

Princeton's WordNet

  1. ani(noun)

    black tropical American cuckoo


  1. ani(Noun)

    A bird of the genus Crotophaga in the cuckoo family.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ani(noun)

    alt. of Ano


  1. Ani

    Ani is a ruined and uninhabited medieval Armenian city-site situated in the Turkish province of Kars, near the border with Armenia. It was once the capital of a medieval Armenian kingdom that covered much of present day Armenia and eastern Turkey. The city is located on a triangular site, visually dramatic and naturally defensive, protected on its eastern side by the ravine of the Akhurian River and on its western side by the Bostanlar or Tzaghkotzadzor valley. The Akhurian is a branch of the Araks River and forms part of the current border between Turkey and Armenia. Called the "City of 1001 Churches," Ani stood on various trade routes and its many religious buildings, palaces, and fortifications were amongst the most technically and artistically advanced structures in the world. At its height, Ani had a population of 100,000–200,000 people and was the rival of Constantinople, Baghdad and Damascus. Long ago renowned for its splendor and magnificence, Ani has been abandoned and largely forgotten for centuries.

Anagrams of ANI

  1. Ian, ina, Ina, NIA

  2. Ian

  3. ina, Ina

  4. NIA

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


used to point out something unexpected in what one is saying

`Have you finished yet?' `No, I haven't even started.'; Even the winner got no prize.

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