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  1. Ais

    of Ai


  1. Ais people

    The Ais, or Ays were a tribe of Native Americans who inhabited the Atlantic Coast of Florida. They ranged from present-day Cape Canaveral to the St. Lucie Inlet, in the present-day counties of Brevard, Indian River, St. Lucie and northernmost Martin. They lived in villages and towns along the shores of the great lagoon called Rio de Ais by the Spanish, and now called the Indian River. The name "Ais" is derived from a great Indian cacique. Little is known of the origins of the Ais, or of their language. The Ais language has been tentatively assigned by some scholars to the Muskogean language family, and by others to the Arawakan language family. Observations on the appearance, diet and customs of the Ais at the end of the 17th century are found in Jonathan Dickinson's Journal. Dickinson and his party were shipwrecked, and spent several weeks among the Ais in 1696. By Dickinson's account, the chief of the town of Jece, near present-day Vero Beach, was paramount to all of the coastal towns from the Jaega town of Jobe in the south to approximately Cape Canaveral in the north. The Ais had considerable contact with Europeans by this time.

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  1. is-a, Isa, Isa., ISA

  2. sai

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